Can you match these hats to the correct cowboy?

Some may stand out right away, others may not. Choose carefully, partner!

It's a signature for any cowboy of the American West and a staple on TV Westers. 

Some iconic cowboys across classic Westers rose to fame with their signature hats on their heads, sometimes a dead giveaway to what show is on the screen, and what character is entering the frame. 

We've wrangled-up 10 of classic TV's cowboy hats to see if you can place them on the correct cowboy's head. From bounty hunters to wagon leaders, can match these hats to the right cowboy? 

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  1. This hat can be seen on who?
  2. Can you tell who wears this cowboy hat?
  3. Who from The Big Valley wore this hat?
  4. Do you know who wore this hat?
  5. Which Maverick wore this classic black hat?
  6. Who from Rawhide can be seen in this cowboy hat?
  7. Which cowboy does this hat belong to?
  8. From Wagon Train, who wears this hat?
  9. Which cowboy is putting this hat on?
  10. This hat belongs to which cowboy?

Can you match these hats to the correct cowboy?

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JustGeri 6 months ago
I know the Barkley boys and that hat didn’t look any of them wore it. Will need to pay close attention next Saturday.
ant100620 6 months ago
I got six out of ten not so easy, but fun takes your mind off of unesesasary things!
MrsFletcher 6 months ago
9/10...I thought for sure that was The Virginian's hat.
Terrence 6 months ago
Some of these hats I could recognize
Not bad for someone who doesn't watch most of these westerns
geisler2 6 months ago
9 out of 10....The ninth Hat..puzzled me a bit..(lol)..
Mac2Nite 6 months ago
10/10... I know my westerns 😉
Sally 6 months ago
6/10 Thought I knew my cowboys better!
SusanTammy 6 months ago
5/10 and I thought I knew this but no!
JohnGrant 6 months ago
Six. I wasn't looking to see what show their from but if you didn't know Hoss or Festus's hat, you've never seen Bonanza and Gunsmoke.
AgingDisgracefully 6 months ago
I'm reminded of a thought from Curly Q. Link": "That's not a hat. It's a doiby!"
That's all. Back to the mile-a-minute bulletins of Score Reporting.
Steve2021 6 months ago
6/10 I just can't pull a rabbit out of the hat ! Oh well......
ClassicTVnut 6 months ago
6/10. Well, not to terrible there partner.
gockionni 6 months ago
10/10 - whose blue hat is that when you first click on this quiz? It’s not in the quiz itself. Looks like it belongs to JR Ewing. He ain’t no cowboy! 🤣
RLedford 6 months ago
I got 8/10 on the Cowboy Hat quiz🤔😃
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