Can you match these interview quotes to the correct Star Trek actor?

Who loved painting houses? Who loves sad love songs? Take a guess and find out!

Star Trek turned its cast of actors into pop culture icons. Most of the Enterprise crew had been seen here and there on television prior to the 1966 premiere, but Star Trek launched them into a new galaxy of fame. They got piles of fan mail. Trekkers lined up at conventions to see them in person. 

And the media interviewed them.

We read through newspaper profiles of the Star Trek cast from when the show was originally on the air — between 1966 and 1969. Here are some interesting interview quotes. Try to match them to the correct actor!

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  1. When asked about their haircut: "My father is an old-fashioned barber. When he cuts your hair, you know you've had a haircut. When I go home on a visit now, with this haircut I've got for the show, I can't let him touch my hair. He's very disappointed."
  2. On growing up in a diverse neighborhood: "My mother learned to cook tacos, chicken soup and Jewish dishes while she taught others how to make sukiyaki."
  3. On his love of house painting: "I really enjoy house painting, especially the trim work. People think I'm crazy, but it's more fun than using the roller on the walls."
  4. On his role: "The role of a leading man and hero is limiting on a week to week basis, but I do have some fun with the part."
  5. On his background: "No, I wasn't born in Germany. I was born in Chicago. My parents came from Russia."
  6. On making public appearances: "I turned down $50,000 last year, because I won't make personal appearances in makeup, except my hair, which I don't mind."
  7. Oh his hobbies: "I engage in sports and read and carry on like that."
  8. On their singing career: "Sinatra is not worried, but I have a good musical ear and a style. Can Ray Charles sing? It's my hobby, I enjoy it and it's very lucrative."
  9. On contributing four episode ideas to Star Trek: "I was turned down — nicely and completely. But I think one idea was stolen."
  10. On why he lives in a modest two-bedroom house: "On his small two-bedroom house: "Small birds need small nests."
  11. On show business: "It's a hard-nosed business. Nice guys don't mean a thing."
  12. On Star Trek writers: "Writers of Star Trek are a literate, intelligent staff who have something to say about today's world."
  13. Oh his Star Trek start: "You know, I was turned down for a role on Star Trek originally. So I went into another show which didn't sell. Then I got a role on Star Trek, but I was signed for just seven of the first 13 shows."
  14. On their stage name: "I won't tell you my real name but at 14 I went to my mother and said I wanted to be a star but not with this name. I asked her to re-name me."
  15. On love songs: "All my favorite love songs are sad, but they have a kind of recovery. You never drown in them."

Can you match these interview quotes to the correct Star Trek actor?

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DerekBird 2 hours ago
You got 13 out of 15
Did you slash right through that like an expert — or did you come out a little injured?

Got the last two wrong.
Runeshaper 3 hours ago
9/15 - Live Long and Prosper (-:
CaptainDunsel 14 hours ago
A few obvious ones and a whole bunch of "Well, it *might* be [blank]"
Bro69 1 day ago
I love the time travel episodes of Star Trek. Like Bones prevents a prominent woman from being killed in 1930’s and Uss Enteprise timewarpes to the 1960’s
MDSanders1977 1 day ago
7/15.. I wouldn't call it a real Star Trek quiz since the questions were not about the show, but the actor's personal lives. Still fun and learned a few new things. 😉
Jimo 1 day ago
Wow!6 out of 15 I'm in a galaxy far far away........
osimj 2 days ago
8 out of 15 not bad for guessing at most of them, a couple were obvious by the wording of the question
LynCarceo 3 days ago
I had no idea, so I guessed. 8/15.
TVFF 3 days ago
I got 5 of 15. Most of them I just guessed and guessed wrong.
JamesMarrero 3 days ago
when i am in my bedroom i always watch metv on my tvset.
JeffPaul76 3 days ago
''You 10 out of 15'' ------------Did you slash through right that like an expert--or did you come out a little injured? I got 5, 6, 8, 10, and 15 wrong.
Jamesatkinson 3 days ago
Injured!, Hell I broke a bone with a 9 out of 15 result. 😁
DanielZabo 3 days ago
9/15 I was ill prepared again........
Having a terrible go at these quizzes of late.
Can I get a study buddy. lol.
Terrence 3 days ago
Not bad for someone who doesn't watch this show
Oscar Terrence 3 days ago
That makes at least two of us! LOL!! I got 8 out of 15 by luck alone, because I had no idea.
JohnAustin779 3 days ago
9 out of 15 right. Great Star Trek quiz, MeTV! I thought I knew it all when it comes to Star Trek because I'm such a huge Trekkie. Well, suffice it to say thanks to MeTV's investigative efforts I learned some new stuff today about some of my favorite actors. Thanks, MeTV, for making such a fun quiz and filling it with great trivia questions 🖖.
David 3 days ago
You got 11 out of 15
Did you slash right through that like an expert — or did you come out a little injured?
sputnik_57 3 days ago
6/15 #8 "On their singing career"...I thought it was Shatner who was also a singer, didn't know about Nimoy.
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