Can you match these Thanksgiving dinners to the right shows?

Pull up a chair and see if you can identify these festive spreads!

While Christmas specials get all the glory, there are some great Thanksgiving episodes from classic shows. It’s the perfect holiday for a family series and even some workplace sitcoms have celebrated Turkey Day in hilarious ways.

Here are ten Thanksgiving dinners seen on TV in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Can you guess what show each spread is from?

  1. These Pilgrims had colorful plates in which show?
  2. What show is this Thanksgiving dinner from?
  3. This fancy feast is from which show?
  4. This friendly dinner turned into a food fight on which show?
  5. This turkey is being prepared on which show?
  6. Characters from all three shows appeared in this festive story but it was an episode of...
  7. Which Bob Newhart program are these many turkeys from?
  8. This turkey was roasted the old fashioned way on which show?
  9. This delicious-looking meal was prepared on...
  10. Sometimes tables clash as much as family members on Thanksgiving, like in this episode of...

Can you match these Thanksgiving dinners to the right shows?

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retro6 4 days ago
9/10. Missed the Beverly Hills one. Well doggie!
Runeshaper 4 days ago
9/10 - gotta love Thanksgiving!
Snickers 6 days ago
Hey everybody I'm Back. Been off the last four days since my niece had her baby born on Thanksgiving morning. A boy, 11 pounds 3 oz. and it's her fourth boy. Been helping out babysitting the three other boys but see MeTv hasn't added any new quizzes since I've been gone.
Welcome back! And Congratulations to your sister! 😊
Thanks, and I'll pass on your congratulations.
Runeshaper Snickers 4 days ago
Congrats on the new addition to the family!
ETristanBooth 7 days ago
9/10. Didn't really watch any of the shows in #4.
Barry22 7 days ago
10/10, love Thanksgiving Dinner.
jtrain 7 days ago
9/10, got #6 wrong
Coldnorth jtrain 7 days ago
Same score as me. I got Newhart wrong
lynngdance 7 days ago
9/10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Sally 8 days ago
9/10 Missed the Cheers one. But I rarely watched that show. :)
TijuanaSlim 8 days ago
The Crossover episode tripped me up...

marmetv20 8 days ago
9/10 I missed #6 thot it was Petticost Junction
CarolKelley marmetv20 8 days ago
They showed that one on Saturday. It was tricky, because most of the episode was set at Hooterville and thus at the Shady Rest, but it was a Beverly Hillbillies episode. I missed it, too, btw.
It was a BH ep. The clans were not gathered around the "fancy eatin' table," located in the Billyard room, they were gathered around the dining room table at the Shady Rest. The door directly behind Oliver, is the one to the kitchen/dining room.
RichLorn 9 days ago
I'll have my gravy in a glass with a straw please.
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