How many Monk characters can you name?

Do you remember the name of Monk’s brother?

Sharona, Natalie, Randy — any Monk fan knows these names well. But what about their last names? Or Captain Stottlemeyer’s first name?

This quiz tests your knowledge of Monk monikers for main characters and memorable recurring ones like Monk’s brother played by John Turturro.

See if you can name them all!

  1. What is Monk's first name?
  2. What is Sharona's last name?
  3. What is Sharona's son's name?
  4. What is Natalie's last name?
  5. What is Natalie's daughter's name?
  6. What is Randy's last name?
  7. What is Captain Stottlemeyer's first name?
  8. What is Mrs. Monk's name?
  9. What is Monk's first therapist's name?
  10. What is Monk's second therapist's name?
  11. Monk and this recurring character were kindred spirits, in a way. What is his name?
  12. What is Monk's brother's name?

How many Monk characters can you name?

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OlgaBagley 9 months ago
I love it On 1 episode Krogers Son was involved in a murder & Randy was pissing the Cpt off its slurping his drink & Capt. puncture a Hole on the bottom of his drink it’s was So damn funny
NickG 9 months ago
If they’d left off two, it would have been a perfect 10.
Minnie212 11 months ago
10/12 I couldnt remember either therapists name😞
Sachelle 11 months ago
12/12. I could have done this in my sleep.
Filmnoirfan 11 months ago
11/12 - I still have yet to see any episodes with John Turturro playing his brother. Show improved considerably once Natalie replaced Sharona. Wonder how many times Ted Levine heard 'Buffalo Bill' jokes on set during rehearsals or taping?
KellyShort 11 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
You lined things up right on this quiz. Great job!
RichLorn 12 months ago
Just to drive Monk crazy, I purposely didn't answer the questions in numerical sequence.
dodgebob 12 months ago
Rarely does the writing and charactor interpretation match up so well, making it truely enjoyable to watch.
flyrod22 12 months ago
Nailed it, I should’ve, then watch it enough
LalaLucy 12 months ago
12/12. That was an easy one. 🙂
Cougar 12 months ago
Missed one, this is a great show!!!
Toot1956 12 months ago
12/12 I am Trudy a Monk fan Lol!!!!
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