Is this a real episode of 'Monk' or did we make it up?

Mr. Monk and the title quiz

Image: The Everett Collection

Much like how he conducts his detective work, Monk has a peculiarly and specific way when it comes to titling episodes throughout the series. Typically starting with "Mr. Monk and..." you always get a quick glimpse at what your favorite detective with an obsessive-compulsive disorder is going to be up to for that episode.

But can you tell the difference between a real
Monk episode title and a fake one? Put your detective hat on and test your knowledge!

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  1. ‘Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man’
  2. 'Mr. Monk Goes to the Moon'
  3. 'Mr. Monk and the Cat'
  4. 'Mr. Monk and the UFO'
  5. 'Mr. Monk is the Best Man'
  6. Mr. Monk gets Married'
  7. 'Mr. Monk is Dead'
  8. 'Mr. Monk and the Dog'
  9. 'Mr. Monk goes to the Beach'
  10. 'Mr. Monk runs a Marathon'
  11. 'Mr. Monk goes to Jail'
  12. 'Mr. Monk and the Clown'

Is this a real episode of 'Monk' or did we make it up?

Your Result...

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Supercat58 1 month ago
Missed only the marathon episode (trick question).
Allison 2 months ago
9/12 thumbs down on me because I love Monk and have seen most/all episodes multiple times.
LH 2 months ago

11/12 but it should’ve been 12/12 I’m a real Monk fan… But it wasn’t “Mr. Monk runs a Marathon“ it was “Mr. Monk and the marathon man.” Actually these Monk quizzes are the only ones I do well on because it’s a show I watch a lot.
Supercat58 LH 2 months ago
The marathon man episode almost tricked me, but I remembered, so 12 of 12.
Toot1956 2 months ago
10/12 Shameful and I'm a Big Monk fan.
RichLorn 3 months ago
9/12 I'm filing a protest on #10. I know there was an episode where Monk ran in a marathon.
Pacificsun RichLorn 3 months ago

grandpa5741 3 months ago
6/12 I got a hunk of the monk questions wrong.
jtrain 3 months ago
8/12, not bad, considering I don't watch Monk. 💁‍♀️
dcsmith1213 3 months ago
Mr. Monk is Dead I got wrong because I do know that they faked that Captain Stottlemeyer shot him in one show and I don't know the name of that episode. And I thought that the episode with the nudist beach might have been titled "Mr. Monk goes to the beach"...oh well I guess I'd better take a better look at the episode guide.
LH dcsmith1213 2 months ago
The episode was called “Mr. Monk is on the run” and it was in two parts
Filmnoirfan 3 months ago
9/12 - some clever fake names intermingled with the real episodes
Supercat58 3 months ago
Got them all. It’s one of my favorite shows.
MaryAnn 3 months ago
Never watched Monk, flew through this quiz making wild guesses, scored 7/12. 🙂
AllisonWunderland 3 months ago
I just scrolled on down past the quiz...straight to the comments 😂🤣
Yeah, all the action is down here in the comments!

Let the controversy begin!!
AnnieM AllisonWunderland 3 months ago
Dear MeTV: Please stop trying to make 'fetch' happen.

Signed, All of Us who think the show Monk isn't old enough to be 'classic' TV. 😘
RavensDawn 3 months ago
6/12. Lucky guesses. Never even heard of this show until MeTV brought it up. Must be desperate for more quizzes.....😁
Somethin' like that, huh? 😂
Pacificsun RavensDawn 3 months ago
The comments are worth it alone!
Runeshaper 3 months ago
7/12 Not great, but I haven't watched all of Monk lol
emTV279 3 months ago
7 of 12, never watched the show!
PINKYLEE 3 months ago
12/12 Board certified Monk-o-phile.
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