These shows had the same number of seasons — but which had more episodes?

Only a TV expert can pass this quiz. It’s one of our hardest ever!


The number of episodes in any given TV season can vary widely. These days, some shows get away with as little as eight episodes per season! That would never fly in the 1960s. Shows from that era regularly had over 30 episodes aired from fall to spring.

The time period in which a series premiered can affect its episode count but also the type of show it is — sitcom, Western or variety show.

Here are 10 pairs of classic programs. Though each had the same number of seasons, there’s one in each couple that has more episodes. Some are separated by just a few episodes, so you’d have to be a TV expert or psychic — or both — to ace this quiz. A passing grade of 7/10 would still make you quite the quiz wiz. Good luck!

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  1. Which of these long-running shows had more episodes?
  2. Which of these courtroom dramas had more episodes?
  3. Which of these 5-season shows had more episodes?
  4. Which of these Sixties sci-fi shows had more episodes?
  5. Which of these hilarious comedies had more episodes?
  6. These shows not only had the same number of seasons, but aired over the exact same years, 1965-1971! Which had more episodes?
  7. Which of these spooky sitcoms had more episodes?
  8. Which of these 8-season shows had more episodes?
  9. Which of these Sixties sitcoms had more episodes?
  10. These shows both had four seasons but which had more episodes?

These shows had the same number of seasons — but which had more episodes?

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Duc 9 months ago
Bonus question #1: Which of these shows lasted a decade had more episodes?
A. Friends

Bonus question #2: Which of these 15-season shows lasted more episodes?
A. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Duc Duc 9 months ago
I have answered bonus question #1.
Friends had 236 episodes, while JAG had 227 episodes.
I have answered bonus question #2.
CSI had 335 episodes, while ER had 331 episodes.
VanHalen 28 months ago
Cannot stand Dyke Van Dyke.
Reita 28 months ago
10/10 good for a person born In 1972, most of the shows are older the me
JohnAustin779 29 months ago
I got 5/10. Great quiz, MeTV 👍! Really tough one this time. There were a few that really took me by surprise 😃.

I learned some new facts today 🙂🖖.
Kenner 29 months ago
8/10. Not bad. I wish some of the old one series shows would air…Like Sam Benedict and The Lieutenant or maybe Good Morning, World…starring Ronnie Schell in between Gomer stints.
jimi4279 29 months ago
5/10 but I was born in 79
JohnAustin779 jimi4279 29 months ago
Me too 😀 and I also got a 5/10 for my score. How crazy is that, right 🙂🖖?
Skippy007 29 months ago
Carol Burnett did 279 episodes
Hollie 29 months ago
they have 5 wrong ..carol was on for 10 or 11 yrs re
add this
Greg 29 months ago
The first ones were easy all the older shows had more. Now it's lucky to get 20 a year.
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