Can you name that movie gimmick?

Which director handed out barf bags to audience members?


Sometimes, just watching a film isn't enough. Some directors like to increase interest by coming up with a gimmick that's sure to attract audience members to the theater. We're quizzing you on a few different films that featured gimmicks, so we hope you've got your film trivia in order!

  1. In preparation for William Castle's 1958 film, Macabre, what were audience members given?
  2. In Castles other film, 13 Ghosts, audience members were given glasses to see what in the film?
  3. In the 1974 film Earthquake, Sensurround was used to simulate which natural disaster?
  4. In Castle's 1959 film, House on Haunted Hill, this object was flown over the audience during showings.
  5. In 1977's Rollercoaster, Sensurround was used to provide what?
  6. Alfred Hitchcock implemented this policy for his film, Psycho.
  7. As part of the gimmick for the 1985 Clue, what would happen when you watched the ending of the film in theaters?
  8. What were audience members given during a showing of the 1970 film, Mark of the Devil?
  9. Attendees of the film Rugrats Go Wild were given this object to add to the immersion of the film.
  10. What was the gimmick of the 1992 film, I'm Your Man?

Can you name that movie gimmick?

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trogg888 2 months ago
When I saw the earthquake movie they brought in altec Lansing speakers so you could feel the vibrations of the bass .this was before the sound systems they have now
BenSobeleone trogg888 2 months ago
I didn't see Earthquake at the theater. I went out to see two other Sensurround movies: Midway and Rollercoaster.
LynCarrigan 2 months ago
Nope, not getting those gimmicks.
Coolrain 2 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
That quiz was a rollercoaster, but you handled it like a champ!
CaroleThorpe 2 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
That quiz was a rollercoaster, but you handled it like a champ!
Kehalva 2 months ago
9/10! I would've love seeing Clue in the theater. I think I would have seen it 3x just to see the multiple endings.
frenchman71 2 months ago
7/10. I've only seen 3 of the films mentioned..."Psycho, Earthquake & Rollercoaster". I bought "Rollercoaster" at my supermarket when they were getting rid of their videos. It's on VHS.
cperrynaples frenchman71 2 months ago
Well, I saw Rollercoaster in a theatre and i was disappointed...LOL!
frenchman71 cperrynaples 2 months ago
The villain, Tim Bottoms, was pretty good. So cold, calculating and meticulous. He covered every detail of his crime.
RobertK 2 months ago
7 of 10. Several wrong guesses but a lot of new ideas for movies to see! Actually, I found a pair of those 3D "ghost-viewer" cardboard glasses while cleaning out my parents home, so I knew #2 question for sure!
Bapa1 2 months ago
8/10, never knew that about Clue.
JayBurd 2 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
That quiz was a rollercoaster, but you handled it like a champ!
IndianaRockz 2 months ago
All guesses

I see now that Svengoolie's "Svensurround" comes from "Sensurround" which I've never heard that term before this quiz.
IndianaRockz 2 months ago
This comment has been removed.
bmoore4026 2 months ago
9 out of 10. I missed number 8. And can I say Clue is one of the best movies ever.
JayBurd bmoore4026 2 months ago
Most of mine were guesses also...and I missed #8 also...speaking of sick junior high I got hold of an airline sick bag which I used to pack my lunch in.....yes I've always been a little weird.
RobertK JayBurd 2 months ago
Cool! I guess when the bags are used on a plane, you're "un-packing your lunch", so to speak!!
JayBurd RobertK 2 months ago
Yeah the bags were unused....but in hindsight I could have dumped a potpie in the bag to simulate and started a barfing outbreak like in Porky's.😆👍
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