Can you name these musicians from The Andy Griffith Show?

Mayberry is a rockin' place.

Mayberry was a musical place. Sheriff Andy Taylor liked to pick up a guitar and play a ditty. Then there were the marching bands, bluegrass group and rock 'n' rollers that blew through town.

Fans of The Andy Griffith Show will remember the episodes. But can you correctly name all the musicians?

Rock on!
  1. This musical mountain clan popped up in a handful of episodes, playing ditties like "Whoa Mule." What were these characters called?
  2. Okay, what is the name of the real-life bluegrass band who played the above family?
  3. In the episode "The Guitar Player," what is the name of the guitar player?
  4. In the same episode, Andy arranges a meeting between the guitar player and a traveling band in jail. What was the name of the band heading to Raleigh?
  5. In "Mayberry on Record," a music producer records a local band called…?
  6. What is the name of Opie's band in "Opie's Band"?
  7. The farmer proved he had the voice of an angel in a classic season three episode. What was his name?
  8. In "The Mayberry Band," Andy tried to convince this rocker to join the community marching band. What is his name?
  9. In "The Song Festers," the local vocal coach tries to help Barney sing.
  10. In "A Singer in Town," the kids go crazy when this teen idol (pictured far left) stops in Mayberry.
Can you name these musicians from The Andy Griffith Show?

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