Can you pass this cassette vocab quiz?

Do you know what a bulk eraser is? What about playback?


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How well do you know cassette players? Of course most people who carried one around to play their favorite music didn't too much care for the technical terms or the ins and outs of the device, they just wanted to hear the music! 

Even so, some terms regarding the cassette players came up in everyday use or perhaps when a device needed to be repaired. 

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Take the vocabulary quiz below and see how well you know some of these technical terms of a cassette player! All of these definitions and terms come from the National Audio Company. 

Good luck! 

  1. Bulk Eraser
  2. Stereo recorders have two. Quadraphonic recorders have four.
  3. What term refers to the magnetic layer of magnetic tape that is applied to the film of a cassette?
  4. Undesired signal from one sound channel or track to another
  5. A tape recorder that does not include power amplifiers or speakers.
  6. What is the momentary loss of a recorded signal?
  7. What is designed to change the frequency balance of a signal?
  8. A paper card inserted in the plastic storage case, serving the purpose of "Album Art."
  9. What is playback?
  10. What is it called when a tape gives off oxide or other particles from it's coating or backing, that usually causes contamination?
  11. A physical join between pieces of tape is called what?

Can you pass this cassette vocab quiz?

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Malarky 17 months ago
Ah, the good old days, when I knew something of how things worked.
scoobydoofan 18 months ago
scoobydoofan scoobydoofan 18 months ago
scoobydoofan scoobydoofan 18 months ago
On You Tube there is also an extended 7 minute version from
Bella 18 months ago
I have a fairly new dual cassette player I bought around 6 years ago because I still have some cassettes. Remember the tape trading days of the early 80’s? Oh how I loved the equalizers with the pretty red lights!
Yvette 18 months ago
I didn’t remember as much as I thought I did 6/11 Lol 😝!
JD401 18 months ago
100% Woooohooooo!! Analog all the way!
CreatureFeatureFan 18 months ago
I am claiming 9/11, because one was a tremor 😔.
Ratt1959 18 months ago
11 of 11, I still have around 1,000 cassettes, a player in my home stereo and one built in my truck. I pull one out now and then.
David 18 months ago
No questions about bias, Dolby, DBX, FF, RW, brands (Maxell, TDK, etc.), tape length, auto-reverse, etc???

boogerdogger 18 months ago
Missed #8.
Still have a tape deck in every vehicle, several boom boxes a couple of recording decks with boxes and cases of recorded music of the past sixty years......just like me, priceless!
bumples boogerdogger 18 months ago
I have a Nakamichi car deck & a nice onkyo & pioneer dual in the house...I did find quite a few brand new high bias cassettes on ebay a while back
donniedeporte 18 months ago
9 of 11. Had to guess a gew. More science and engineerimg in my opinion.
AlbertHanson 18 months ago
I'm surprised this wasn't a quiz about 8 Tracks or Gramophones.
Riff60 18 months ago
10/11. I missed the magnetic question. Can I rewind and answer it again?
Lacey 18 months ago
10 out of 11 and I came up in the CD era. Wow.
WimsieTapenade 18 months ago
11/11. But then I'm old.

I'm surprised they didn't have a questions about pencils.
kkvegas WimsieTapenade 18 months ago
11/11 (I'm old too), but I did make some educated guesses.
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