Can you recognize these celebrities in old television commercials?

Before they were stars, they were selling burgers, cereal and video games.

Celebrities β€” they're just like us! When they're not landing roles in television shows or recording pop hits, they're making extra money by appearing in commercials. 

Wait, that's not like us at all. We have never acted in a TV ad.

For many actors, commercials are a necessary first step to stardom. For others, they are a way to stay in the spotlight. 

The following famous faces come from TV commercials of the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s. See if you can recognize them all!
  1. These youngsters pitching Milky Way and Burger Chef are part of which iconic TV clan?
  2. Before he became a star, he was reaching for a cold Coke in a hot desert. You know him better as which sitcom character?
  3. She's promoting a bank here in 1995. A decade later, she was headlining which NBC sitcom?
  4. This icon was singing the joys of Alpha Bits cereal. He was also a cartoon character in the early 1970s. He would later sing which huge 1980s hit?
  5. After appearing in the 1977 Harris Bank ad, he went on to star in which '80s sitcom?
  6. Here he is as a young man in a McDonald's ad titled "First Kiss." He would later play a sitcom character with what last name?
  7. This 1982 ad for the video game 'Pitfall' was his first acting credit. He was 13. He later appeared on shows like 'Touched by an Angel' before becoming a movie star. Who is he?
  8. He wouldn't have to put up signs for Brown's Chicken for long. You know him better from which hit TV show?
  9. This lead singer was selling Kool-Aid in the 1960s. Which band did he front?
  10. After this Maull's Barbecue Sauce ad, she joined The Mickey Mouse Club… and then became a massive pop star. Pick her hit song.
  11. He here is pushing Pop Tarts. He played the "kid" on which popular '90s show?
Can you recognize these celebrities in old television commercials?

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Fred_Clampett 6 days ago
Missed 2 and 7. Looking again, I don't see how.
scp 7 days ago
11 out of 11. The look of insanity in his eyes was the giveaway in #7.
Lacey 9 days ago
11/11 It is amazing how often you can identify a person from their eyes.
Geronimo 9 days ago
ABC its easy as 123............................................11/11
MrBill 10 days ago
11/11; easy one for me - I breezed right through it.
CaptainDunsel 11 days ago
9/11. Missed #2 & #3. Never watched any of those shows.
Tresix 12 days ago
11/11. Surprised they didn't use that one of Sarah Michelle Gellar for Burger King ("Unbelievable!").
SheriHeffner 12 days ago
8 out of 11, but it was hard for me.
EllisClevenger 12 days ago
You got 8 out of 11
You made that look as easy as ABC… 1, 2, 3!
Missed #2, #3, and #5.
MrsPhilHarris 12 days ago
Missed Gary Coleman. 10/11
So did I. He looked like Emmanuel Lewis to me.
JeffTanner 12 days ago
You got 10 out of 11 ---------You made that look as easy as ABC...123!
nerakr 13 days ago
11/11. Technically, #1 is incorrect. Eve Plumb did the Burger Chef commercial either during or after the Brady Bunch.
Wiseguy nerakr 7 days ago
They don't really say that the commercials were before when they were famous. ("For others, they are a way to stay in the spotlight. ")
teire 13 days ago
11/11. Surprised myself by recognizing Jack Black immediately even tho he was such a kid in that photo.
EllisClevenger teire 12 days ago
Me, also. Some people just don't change.
anthony 13 days ago
10/11.#9 just did not look like Davey Jones to me.I should have taking a little longer to look at the picture.Oh well.🎢"ABC,as easy as 1,2,3,.Doe ray me,ABC"🎢😁
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