Can you recognize these upside-down classic TV stars?

The longer you look, the less recognizable they get.

How well do you know the stars of television shows from the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s? All classic TV fans can instantly recognize the cast of their favorite shows but what if we threw in a twist?

Here are 15 different famous actors that would be immediately familiar in a regular picture. However, we’ve turned each image upside down. Can you still tell who is who? Take the quiz now and find out!

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  1. Who is this character's first name?
  2. Which Brady sister is this?
  3. What is this character's first name?
  4. Who do you think this is?
  5. Who is this?
  6. What is this character's first name?
  7. Who is this character?
  8. What is this blonde character's first name?
  9. Can you tell who this is?
  10. Which classic sitcom character is this?
  11. He had a sitcom named after him. Who is it?
  12. Can you recognize this character?
  13. What is this character's first name?
  14. What is this character's last name?
  15. What is this actor's first name?

Can you recognize these upside-down classic TV stars?

Your Result...

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Jeffrey 1 month ago
15/15 I think I live in a upside down world
EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 15 out of 15
Did you set this quiz right or did it have you turned around?
JewelsChuck 2 months ago
12/ husband is sitting next to me and wouldn’t even help me out. 😕
McBeeveeHere 2 months ago
15/15... This was the easiest one yet...
GregLemieux 2 months ago
15/15. #5 was the only tough one.
AnitaSeekford 2 months ago
One of the stupidest quizzes ever.
scp 2 months ago
14 out of 15, and I think I would have guessed #5 wrong even right side up.
MarleenDavis 2 months ago
13/15 and almost half were guesses. go figure.
handeandy 2 months ago
15 out of 15! Can’t believe it!
Stinger 2 months ago
13 out of 15
Got Bat Masterson and Hotlips wrong
JewelsChuck Stinger 2 months ago
I thought it was Bart. Boy was I wrong.
Stinger 2 months ago
Got Bat wrong and Hotlips.
13 outvof 15
Runeshaper 2 months ago
You got 12 out of 15

Got 3 wrong that I wouldn't know if they were right side up LOL
nerakr 2 months ago
14/15. Missed Bat Masterson.
Toot1956 nerakr 27 days ago
me too, I was rushing.
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