Can you remember which child did what on The Waltons?

Who adopted a deer, entered a motorcycle race or played in a band?

All kinds of people can connect to The Waltons because of the differences between the many characters, especially the seven children. They each had their own problems and solved them in their own ways.

Do you remember everything that happened to John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth over the course of the show? Only the biggest Waltons fan can get everything on this quiz right!

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  1. Who wanted a new baseball mitt to play catch with G.W. Haines?
  2. Who dated Marcia Woolery?
  3. Who found a baby deer in the woods and named him Lancelot?
  4. Who had nightmares about riding a Ferris wheel?
  5. Who built a car out of junkyard scrap metal?
  6. Who played guitar for Bobby Bigelow?
  7. Who collected crickets in a jar and accidentally let them loose in the house?
  8. Who attended Boatwright University?
  9. Who joined the National Guard?
  10. Who became a nurse?
  11. Who married Cindy Brunson?
  12. Who worked as a switchboard operator?
  13. Who was a POW in Japan?
  14. Who broke both legs in a tragic accident?
  15. Who entered a race riding Ike Godsey’s motorcycle?

Can you remember which child did what on The Waltons?

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LaJenna 25 days ago
I never watched the Walton's when original ran I don't think I didto bad....5 wrong....
Lisarc10 29 days ago
15 out of 15, my favorite show ever
dictracy 1 month ago
Still watch it and it didn't help me ace it....11/15
BCBS 1 month ago
14 out of 15. Missed the cricket one.
ETristanBooth 1 month ago
13/15. I think the ones I missed were early episodes. I prefer the later ones during the war.
Sally 1 month ago
11 out of 15...not too bad as I haven't watched the show in a while.
ELEANOR 1 month ago
Well, I got 11/15 from just guessing!
cripplious 1 month ago
Never watched the show but still got five from guessing.
AgingDisgracefully 1 month ago
Which of them ran away to join a dysfunctional circus?
Queenpurple 1 month ago
I have the entire series plus movies.💜
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