How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders"?

Do you know the iconic twist at the end of this story?


The Twilight Zone has remained iconic not just because of its groundbreaking storytelling or societal commentary but also because many episodes are infinitely rewatchable.

One episode that’s arguably even better the second or third time around is the classic installment "The Invaders." The twist at the end gives repeat viewings a new feeling.

Think you know this episode backward and forward? Put your knowledge to the test below!

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  1. At the beginning of the episode, what does Rod Serling specifically mention this rural farmhouse lacks?
  2. Serling also mentions that before now, the woman who lives in the house only had one problem. What is it?
  3. The woman first hears a noise coming from…
  4. What does the woman see first – the alien or the spaceship?
  5. What does the woman do to the alien when she first sees it here?
  6. What tiny alien object does the woman find on her floor?
  7. Before she grabs an axe, what weapon does the woman use to combat the alien?
  8. The alien cuts the woman with a knife after surprising her from where?
  9. The woman grabs the alien after finding it…
  10. She gets rid of the alien by…
  11. What does the woman do at the end?
  12. What is the twist to this episode?

How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders"?

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Cougar 43 months ago
9 for 12, thought I'd do better
marmetv20 43 months ago
Loved Agnes moorehead in this episode! Only got 6/12 tho.
Kevin 43 months ago
This is my absolute favorite TZ episode. I was always a scifi fan and loved the twist at the end. Agnes Moorehead did a fantastic job as the woman. It was almost a on woman show.
kevopilis 43 months ago
I missed 3, fair I suppose, I thought she used a pump for water, but maybe not, and maybe that's
running water.
A great episode.
Suzanne 43 months ago
This was a GREAT episode but I only got 7 out of 12. Oh well, I'm 70 and I guess my memory isn't what it used to be.
My favorite episode of TZ was "The Howling Man". I remember that it scared the bejezzus out of me when I was a kid and I loved it. Watching the devil "morph" from man to evil monster was riveting.
dodgebob 43 months ago
I was much better at guessing multiple choice in high school, 2/12.
AlbertHanson 43 months ago
In my opinion Agnes Moorehead was a very talented actress whose talent was underutilized by the movie studios. Even though she will be remembered as Endora from Bewitched she had other roles which were much more powerful. One of my favorite movies which exhibited her talent is 'The Bat', in which she portrays a mystery writer involved in a real mystery.
Fluter15 AlbertHanson 43 months ago
Right before she did Bewitched, Agnes Moorehead played Miss Bertie in an episode of Gunsmoke. This, too, was a great performance.
MikefromJersey 43 months ago
7 for 12. PU.
By the way, tonight, 0ct.24, on Antenna TV they are running the 1961 Jack Benny episode "Jack On Trial For Murder" at 10:30. He gets Raymond Burr as Perry Mason to defend him, as who else would you get? Perry Mason fans, check it out.
HeleneNeiman 43 months ago
This episode is a perfect example of how you don't need dialogue to give a great performance...Bela Lugosi was first offered the roll of Frankenstein, but turned it down because it was not a speaking roll. Apparently Boris Karloff was smarter than Bela, because he knew that you don't just act with your voice, you act with your face, expression, and feeling, and therefore took the roll and became a star ! YAY for Boris and Agnes !
Terrific post, Helene, thanks for sharing. You could also throw in "The Silent Caper" episode
of 77 Sunset Strip, written by series star Roger Smith. There is no dialogue, and it was so
well done I didn't release till it was half over that it was a "silent"!
1shotonek 43 months ago
Good comments..but let this old 70yr TV trivia nut tell you couple things I remember about this classic episode from memory..! 1. EVERYONE not familiar with that writer " Richard Matheson " , should read about his other great works adapted to tv and films...including the classic episode in this series, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" with William Shatner..another Twilight Zone classic. But here's the REAL TRIVIA bit for you guys: MANY voters have claimed " Scariest TV " show ever aired was Trilogy Of Terror...starring Karen Black..with two of the trilogy stories authored by Richard Matheson. "Amelia", the story considered the scariest involving the Carved Doll...was the first provided story by Richard for this 15th of the 51 Twilight Zone episodes...but was deemed too violent/scary for the time! Thought you all might like that bit of trivia, and I will be back when I have similar morsels...also, Agnes Moorehead was a very accomplished actress and star at the time of this episode.
1shotonek 1shotonek 43 months ago
Sorry...this page trivia test 10/12...😞👻🎃
Doola005 43 months ago
Agie Moorehead was great. She also doesn't utter a single word during the episode
Ostara Doola005 43 months ago
Agnes Moorehead and Elizabeth Montgomery had exactly the same lines (none) in their respective episodes!
bobbygood 43 months ago
It was a great episode but evidently I’m not big on details. 4/12
bnichols23 43 months ago
Walk in the park other than #11. Another question -- if she's so ragtag, poor, & debilitated, why are her fingernails always perfect?!?!?
KellyTenace bnichols23 43 months ago
Probably the same reason why nowadays, every single person in movies and on television - including even the most downtrodden characters - has perfect teeth. That is so distracting when even some hobo or something who has supposedly been on the road for decades has these perfect obvious veneers. I understand that apparently the industry requires actors keep perfect teeth, but couldn't they dirty them up or something for some of these roles? It seems very lazy.

Oh and I got only 6 of 12 despite having seen the episode a few times over the years, but who cares.
HeleneNeiman bnichols23 43 months ago
I agree with you, father was an optometrist, and it always bothered him that no one on TV ever wore glasses ! He would yell at the screen that it was so unrealistic !
CaptainDunsel 43 months ago
If Darrin Stephens had a favorite TZ episode, this would be it.
Coloumbo 43 months ago
A great episode with a awesome twist at the end...
BrentwoodJon 43 months ago
8/12 That the tiny alien is actually a human from U.S. Air Force and the woman is a giant.
Just a little fix.
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