Can you remember who did it: Gilligan or Gomer Pyle?

Fill in the blank with the correct character name!

Gilligan and Gomer Pyle have a lot in common. For starters, they were title characters in popular 1960s sitcoms. They were both good-natured, naive and a little clumsy, too.

But it goes beyond that. They got into quite similar scrapes and situations. All you have to do is look at episode titles from Gilligan's Island and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. to see the parallels.

We removed the names "Gomer" and "Gilligan" from the following titles. See if you can fill in the blank!
  1. "_______ Meets Jungle Boy"
  2. "_______ Goes Home"
  3. "_______ Overcomes the Obstacle Course"
  4. "_______ and the Dragon Lady"
  5. "St. _______ and the Dragon"
  6. "_______'s Living Doll"
  7. "_______ Says 'Hey' to the President"
  8. "President _______"
  9. "My Fair _______"
  10. "_______ and the Phone Company"
  11. "_______ Gets Bugged"
  12. "_______, the Goddess"
  13. "_______ and the Little Men from Outer Space"
  14. "_______ Captures a Submarine"
  15. "_______ Goes Gung-Ho"
  16. "_______ vs. _______"
  17. "_______ Untrains a Dog"
  18. "Hi-Fi ________"
  19. "_______ Dates a Movie Star"
Can you remember who did it: Gilligan or Gomer Pyle?

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JeffTanner 9 days ago
''You got 18 out of 19'' -------------Shazam! Golly! Gosh! You know these two like apples and oranges!
J 11 days ago
13/19😔 Thought I knew Gilligan better than that lol 😆
STTOS 14 days ago
You got 16 out of 19 - Shazam! Gosh! Golly! You can tell these two apart like apples and oranges! Not bad but I thought I would do better. I know Gilligan better than Gomer and those that I did not immediately recognize I chose Gomer. Such was the case for #'s 6, 10, 15. I chose Gomer and it was GILLIGAN!!!
MrBill 15 days ago
15/19; not too bad considering I do not watch either of these shows very often.
MichaelNivens 15 days ago
Didn't do very well - not a big fan of either show

Kinda liked Gomer on Andy Griffith Show.
Liked Bob Denver much better as Maynard G. Krebs plus he did an excellent role on Andy Griffith as Dud Wash
CyndiM MichaelNivens 5 days ago
I'm with you -- not a big fan. I got only 11 out of 19, LOL.
daDoctah 15 days ago
The next time MeTV runs the episode "Gilligan vs. Gilligan", in which a Soviet spy plastic-surgeried to look like Gilligan is dropped on the island to find out what the castaways are up to (the commies think their shipwreck is a cover for some kind of American espionage activity), pay attention to the music during the chase scene through the jungle. It's a mashup of the GI theme song with the Russian folk tune "Korobeiniki", better known to a later generation as the theme from the video game Tetris.
legion1a 15 days ago
Among my favorite shows, and I really expected to do much better than that!
jholton30062 15 days ago
17/19. Not bad for two shows I hardly watch.
Glenn 15 days ago
13/19. I quit my desk job for this ?
SheriHeffner 17 days ago
19 out of 19. I know my Gilligan and my Gomer.
Jeremy 17 days ago
18/19! I only missed #4. The rest I just got on something I either remembered or on pure intuition.
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