Can you find the right word to complete names of Gilligan's Island episodes?

"V" Is for what? My Fair who?

Image: TV Guide

Many of the funny episodes of
Gilligan's Island came with punny names that borrowed from widely recognizable phrases, not just to fans in the Sixties, but in any age.

Think you've hung out during MeTV's Three-Hour Tour long enough to pick out the correct word to complete the names of episodes? Consider all the memorable plots you know so well and let your ear for idioms steer you to the correct response every time. Good luck!
  1. "Home Sweet [???]"
  2. "Don't Bug the [???]"
  3. "Feed the [???]"
  4. "My Fair [???]"
  5. "'V' Is for [???]"
  6. "Gilligan Meets [???] Boy"
  7. "Diamonds Are an [???] Best Friend"
  8. "Will the Real [???] Please Stand Up?"
  9. "A [???] by Any Other Name"
  10. "[???] Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Can you find the right word to complete names of Gilligan's Island episodes?

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rurager 2 hours ago
Actually, I think Barnabas would prefer the "Monster Mash"...LOL!! Yes, she was on DS before Willy Wonka and The Electric Company!
STTOS 14 hours ago
You got 8 out of 10 - You swam right through that quiz! - Bummed out. Missed #3 and #5 because I got cocky and didn't read all answers closely enough. Let that be a lesson to us all!! :)
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SusanRWorthington 1 day ago

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