Are these episodes from TV Westerns or zany 1960s sitcoms?

Try to figure out if you're on the Ponderosa or Oliver's Farm.

Are you a quickdraw when it comes to distinguishing between the best of early classic shows?

Here's a quiz that tests your instincts for comedy and drama. Scroll through the episodes below and decide if you think they're pulled from a classic TV Western – like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Rawhide or Wagon Train – or a zany 1960s sitcom. Good luck!
  1. “Kitty Cornered”
  2. “Kitty Karry-All Is Missing"
  3. “Lisa Has a Calf”
  4. “Incident of Golden Calf”
  5. “Matt Gets It”
  6. “Game of Chance”
  7. “A Nice Friendly Game of Cards”
  8. “Give Me Land, Lots of Land”
  9. “Horse of a Different Hue”
  10. “Alcohol and Old Lace”
  11. “Son of a Gypsy”
  12. “A Man Called Horse”
  13. “Horse Talk”
Are these episodes from TV Westerns or zany 1960s sitcoms?

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rurager 4 hours ago
Actually, I think Barnabas would prefer the "Monster Mash"...LOL!! Yes, she was on DS before Willy Wonka and The Electric Company!
DavidWilliams 1 day ago
More scam bot comments than real comments.
Why don't the creators delete them?
If you follow their links you will go to Hell for being stupid!
PaulitaWMorin 1 day ago
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SusanRWorthington 1 day ago

This is actually a very informative article – not like most of what I see online. Thanks for the free share and looking forward to reading your updates! simply wow!

Note to cpperrynaples: My score: 11/13. Guess which one I missed?!?!
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