Do you know all the lyrics to The Neverending Story theme song?

Ahahah ahahah ahahah...

Thirty-five years ago, The Neverending Story showed us what a true fantasy masterpiece looks like, complete with an epic theme song by Limahl that made it near the top of Billboard's Hot 100.

Do you remember every word? Dream a dream and see if you can complete the whole song!
  1. "Turn around / Look at what you [???]"
  2. "In her face / the mirror of your [???]"
  3. "Make believe I'm everywhere / given in the [???]"
  4. "Written on the [???] is the answer to a neverending story"
  5. "Reach the [???] / Fly a fantasy"
  6. "Dream a dream / And what you see will [???]"
  7. "Rhymes that keep their secrets / will unfold behind the [???]"
  8. "And there upon the [???] / Is the answer to a neverending story"
  9. "Show no [???] for she may fade away"
  10. "In your [???] the birth of a new day"
Do you know all the lyrics to The Neverending Story theme song?

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ValentinAHardy 3 days ago

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Stephen 4 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
A happy ending for you today!

Thanks to Stranger Things.
eddiec 5 days ago
That movie was a masterpiece. The theme song was also excellent.
UnicornPrincess 5 days ago
7/10. Only reason I knew even that well was from Stranger Things 3... put the lyrics fresh in my mind.
teire UnicornPrincess 5 days ago
Me too. Will forever make me think of Dustin and Suzie.
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