Can you beat this true/false classic TV character quiz?

Nobody likes to be labeled, even classic TV stars.

Can you tell the truth about classic TV characters based on a brief description?

Just a few words may amount to a mere label, but the true characters we watched on TV for decades always managed to stand out while staying comfortably familiar.

Below, we've slapped some false labels on iconic TV characters we watched from the 1960s to the 1990s. It's up to you to sort the true nature of all these familiar faces. Good luck!
  1. Happy Days' Fonzie [RIDES MOTORCYCLES]?
  2. Gilligan [CLUMSY FIRST-MATE]?
  3. The Andy Griffith Show's Barney Fife [MAYBERRY SHERIFF]?
  5. The Brady Bunch's Cindy Brady [DIARY SNOOPER]?
  6. M*A*S*H's Maxwell Klinger [ARMY SURGEON]?
  7. Cheers' Sam Malone [EX-MLB CATCHER]?
  8. The Jeffersons' George Jefferson [OWNS HARDWARE STORE]
  9. Columbo [WON'T CARRY A GUN]
  10. WKRP in Cincinnati's Herb Tarlek [RADIO DJ]?

Can you beat this true/false classic TV character quiz?

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Shogun 10 months ago
KLINGER is a riot ! In my humble
opinion that trailer is among the
TOP three episodes of M.A.S.H.
STTOS 10 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Klinger salutes your superior TV character knowledge! - I think I've said this before but this is arguably the easiest quiz MeTV has ever had.

bringbackWKRP 10 months ago
09 for 10. Please bring back WKRP when the Fall rolls around.
Mark 10 months ago
9 out of 10. I missed Cindy Brady. I knew she gave Marcia's diary to a used book dealer. But I don't remember her reading Marcia's diary.
Claude Mark 10 months ago
Two different episodes....
NoahBody 10 months ago
10/10 but Columbo did have a gun license he just did not carry it.
MrBill 10 months ago
7/10; missed #7, #9 and #10 - I do not watch those shows very often.
Moverfan 10 months ago
Actually, it wasn't so much that Lieutenant Columbo refused to carry his sidearm. He just could never remember what he did with it (it's put away in a really good spot...)!
nemalki 10 months ago
10/10. Classic TV's in my veins.
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