Do you know your breakfast diner lingo?

Sit on a stool and flag down your soup jockey.

"I need a cluck and grunt, and wreck 'em!"

Classic diner language has been an American staple since the 19th century. While many people cannot place the exact start of the lingo, it's certainly made it's mark in the diner culture of the U.S. Some people believe that the fun names and puzzle-like wording made it much easier to shout the orders across the window from the dining room into the kitchen to short-order cooks. Some say that it was a fun work culture adaptation; cooking over a hot stove may not seem so bad when you're making "a cowboy with spurs" instead of a Western omelette with fries. 

Sit on a stool and flag down your soup jockey; it's time to test your knowledge. Do you know your breakfast diner lingo? Good luck!
  1. What is "hen fruit"?
  2. What is a "roller"?
  3. What is an "Adam and Eve on a raft"?
  4. What is "motor oil"?
  5. What is a "heart attack on a raft"?
  6. What is a "shingle with a shimmy and a shake"?
  7. If the waitress calls for a side of "cow paste," "axle grease" or "skid grease", you've probably asked for...
  8. If the waitress calls for a side of "dough well done with cow to cover," you've probably ordered...
  9. If the waitress calls for "two dots and a dash" with a "whiskey down," you've likely ordered...
  10. What is a "belly warmer"?
Do you know your breakfast diner lingo?

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CyndiM 5 days ago
Missed only one. Had no idea what a 'belly warmer' was but what pretty sure it was NOT coffee. Oops, wrong again
CarrieMcCourt 14 days ago
10/10 Guess I should have been a waitress
MrBill 15 days ago
9/10; missed the last one - I did very well considering I had to guess on every question.
daDoctah 15 days ago
And then there was "whiskey radio". "Radio" suggested "tune it down", which sounds like "tuna down", and "down" means toast (because the bread goes "down" into the toaster). "Whiskey" meant the toast was rye.

So "whiskey radio" was "tuna salad on rye toast".

(And I want you to hold it between your knees....)
legion1a 15 days ago
9/10, The women in my life have always been in the food business.
My mother, one of my sisters and my wife were all accomplished chefs.
SheriHeffner 17 days ago
9 out of 10. I thought 10 would have been A cup of Joe.
BubbaPacha77511 18 days ago
10/10....too easy. heck if u just read the clues..which i did... you could figure it out. what i did cuz god knows ive never heard of ANY of these monikers
Sounds like you're a redneck if you know all that country lingo不不不不不
EllisClevenger 18 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
You've got the smarts of a base runner and the lingo to match! Nicely done!
stephaniestavropoulos 18 days ago
I hate #6. Not of course, because I got it wrong, but because I'm suffering through shingles at this point and time.::
Another version of "Adam & Eve On A Raft," Is "Adam & Eve On A Raft, Wreck 'Em." {which means the "cackle fruit" is served sunny side up.}
In my day, "Adam & Eve On A Raft, Wreck 'Em", meant the hen fruit was scrambled.
Sunny side up was "Hen Fruit looking at you".
10/10. I contracted shingles over 2 1/2 years ago and I am still suffering some after-effects from it. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you shingles, build a roof! Bonus question: What is shit on a shingle?
Andy garykevinware 1 day ago
I've heard a couple different things for S.O.S., one being creamed chipped beef on toast and the other hamburger gravy on toast. Either way, "shingle" = "toast" again.
BrentwoodJon 19 days ago
10 for 10, My mom was one of the last Professional waitress from 1945 to 1975, Pickup and put down 4 full plates in each hand and make it look easy.
I heard all this slang from my mom.
anthony 19 days ago
7/10.Not bad for all guesses.Some of these didn't even make sense.What does fruit have to do with a Hen laying eggs?What part of Biscuits and Gravey is a raft?What does shimmy and shake have to do with butter and jam?
"Raft" refers to the biscuits, don't know why. Perhaps there's a diner's lingo website to find out the reason. As for a hen's egg being called "fruit": {I've also heard it called "cackle fruit;"} perhaps because it's close in size to a plum.
Have you not heard the saying: "Must be jelly, cause jam don't shake like that?" Well the "shimmy shake," is what jam does, {like jello.} Hope this info. helps out you and others, who might have been confused.
I checked, and there is a website for diner lingo: This might have been where METV came up w/their questions/answers.
PikaCat 19 days ago
10/10. Never heard any of these before either, but was pretty easy to figure out.
AllisonWunderland 19 days ago
6/10...Guess I just like my homemade meals! Mmmmmm
Barry22 19 days ago
7/10, and guessed. I would probably starve at a diner.
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