Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about Gilligan's Island?

Finally prove you're smarter than the Professor!

If you've set sail for Gilligan's Island more often than you can count, we're a special round of Jeopardy! only a castaway trivia buff can beat.

Here, thanks to the folks at j-archive, we've pulled real questions about Gilligan's Island that appeared on the quiz show to stump the smartest people at the podium.

And did you know that Gilligan's Island is actually so popular on Jeopardy! that they once even gave the Sixties series its own category? Put your Professor brain to the test below, where only those who can correctly answer every clue will emerge as today's Gilligan's Island Jeopardy champ. Good luck!

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  1. You select category: Gilligan's Island for $100. Your clue: According to the theme, "The tour" was supposed to last just this long.
  2. You select category: The Name Game for $200. Your clue: : 'Gilligan's Island' resident who is Barbie's little sister.
  3. You select category: Gilligan's Island for $200. Your clue: The island seen in the credits of 'Gilligan's Island' is in Kaneohe Bay near this most populous Hawaiian island.
  4. You select category: Martins for $300. Your clue: This Oscar winner for 'Ed Wood' also appeared in 'The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.'
  5. You select category: TV Nicknames for $400. Your clue: On 'Gilligan's Island,' the skipper often called Gilligan his "little" this.
  6. You select category: Gilligan's Island for $400. Your clue: Creator Sherwood Schwartz's 1st choice to play Gilligan was this star of 'My Mother the Car.'
  7. You select category: Which TV Show Came First? for $400. Your clue: 'Gilligan's Island,' 'The Andy Griffith Show,' 'Petticoat Junction'
  8. You select category: Gilligan's Island for $500. Your clue: In the 2nd animated series, the group left 'Gilligan's Island' & landed here.
  9. You select category: This & That for $600. Your clue: On 'Gilligan's Island,' this character's movie credits included 'Belly Dancers from Bali-Bali.'
  10. You select category: Can't Help Falling in Love for $600. Your clue: This 5-letter endearment is what Mr. Howell usually called Mrs. Howell on 'Gilligan's Island.'
  11. You select category: Gilligan's Island for $800. Your clue: In the episode 'Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy,' the Jungle Boy was this future 'Escape from New York' star.
  12. You select category: 2 First Names for $800. Your clue: She played the movie star on 'Gilligan's Island.'
  13. You select category: Which TV Show Came First? for $800. Your clue: 'Gilligan's Island,' 'Hogan's Heroes,' 'Charlie's Angels'
  14. You select category: Playing the Professor for $2000. Your clue: He played the brilliant 'Gilligan's Island' professor who couldn't figure out how to build a raft.
  15. You select category: What a Character! for $2000. Your clue: Hardcore fans of 'Gilligan's Island' know that this character's real name is Roy Hinkley.

Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about Gilligan's Island?

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BubbaPacha77511 7 months ago
i loathe this show but still passed with 11/15
Tresix 7 months ago
12/15. I could have sworn that "Petticoat Junction" was on before "The Andy Griffith Show".
JackyGraham 7 months ago
I guess I'm not as good as I thought I was
I never miss a new episode play at it's time that shows my age for sure
DiscoDave 7 months ago
14/15. Missed #2 (Barbie's little sister?)
JeanInTN DiscoDave 7 months ago
MrBill 7 months ago
14/15; missed #4 Martin Landau.
Bobbo 7 months ago
15/15! I love me some Gilligan’s Island!
Zoshchenko 7 months ago
The Skipper was somebody's little sister? Was he (xe) before his time?
MaryMitch Zoshchenko 7 months ago
I had a Scooter doll; she was Skipper's best friend. She had red hair and freckles.
nerakr 7 months ago
15/15. Yes! Know my Gilligan!
MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
13/15 Took me awhile to figure out the Barbie's little sister question.
jvf MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
Can you explain it to us?
HeidiCrabtree jvf 7 months ago
The Barbie "family" included her boyfriend "Ken," and her little sister "Skipper." Check out any search engine for Barbie and Skipper to see photos of the doll.
cperrynaples 7 months ago
15/15! Way too easy! Bonus Question: What is the Skipper's real name?
Jonas Grumby.
Speaking of real names, you evidently don't know Micky's real name. You said on the "Wool Hat" page, that he went by his real last name on Circus Boy: Braddock. That's NOT his real last name. His real last name is Dolenz. What made you think it was Braddock? That was his stage name. He was named after his father, {who was also an actor:} GEORGE MICHAEL DOLENZ.
If' you've seen HEAD, {have you?} Then you will remember the scene where Micky is in the desert with the Coca-Cola machine. At one point you can hear a sort of spooky sounding voice saying twice: "Quiet, isn't it? George Michael. Dolenz. Then I want to say it "segways" into "Can You Dig It?" {But I could be wrong about the song or if there's any song at all after hearing his name.}
P.S. For the record: The Professor's real name is Roy Hinkley.
Sorry Stephanie! Any idea why Micky's last name on Circus Boy was Braddock? I remember the Coke machine in the desert!
I honestly have no idea. I want to say I heard Micky say that he didn't even know why the name change. I want to say he said it was the studio's idea, but I may be wrong. I'll have to check.
I checked on Wikipedia: "Dolenz started his show business career in 1956, starring in Circus Boy under the the name Micky Braddock." No mention why the name change.
JeffTanner 7 months ago
You got 14 out of 15 ----------------It's okay. The castaways never found the answer they were looking for, either.
SheriHeffner 7 months ago
13 out of 15. I had no idea Skipper had a sister and no idea who was a guest star on The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island. I have seen every Gilligan's Island tv show and Rescue From Gilligan's Island, but the other two movies were not good so I seen them only once to remember that David Rubreckt ho starred in Supermarket Sweep and also was either a writer or producer of Small Wonder was in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.
JeffTanner SheriHeffner 7 months ago
I made the same mistake about Skipper, She was Barbie Doll's little sister. That's what they, MeTV were asking for. You know, Barbie doll, made by Mattel? There have been many, many different versions of her over the years. Skipper is the name of Barbie's Sister. NOT The Skipper or Captain Jonas Grumby, on Gilligans Island.
cperrynaples SheriHeffner 7 months ago
Rubreckt was Thurston Howell IV, either a son or nephew who appeared because Jim Baccus could only do a cameo at his age. Bonus Question: Who played Ginger in the GI movies?
It's David Ruprecht.
As for who played Ginger, two actresses did:
You're right and Baldwin was the second movie as well!
Missed the Globetrotters question, never saw it. I do know Bob Denver's wife was in it as well.
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