Can you unscramble these character names from The Andy Griffith Show?

Who exactly is this Elmer Punch feller?

The census man has come to Mayberry. And this government feller from the big city (Raleigh, that is) has brought a fancy computer. Only, there's one problem. The darn technology has gone and mixed up everyone's name!

Well, that's where you come in. You, being an expert on all things The Andy Griffith Show, are now officially deputized. Below is a list of scrambled names. They are all citizens of Mayberry. See if you can sort out the letters and match the face.

Good luck!
  1. Who the heck is Booger Yelp?
  2. Who is this fellow Beef Fry Ian?
  3. Who is Dan Royalty?
  4. Who is Charlie Englander?
  5. Who is Elroy Patio?
  6. Who is Elmer Punch?
  7. Who do you figure this Pugs Arrowhead is?
  8. Who is Brent Assets?
  9. Who is Waylon Folds?
  10. Who is Lela Mouth?
  11. Finally, we just gotta sort out this Flash Loiterer.
Can you unscramble these character names from The Andy Griffith Show?

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booster 17 days ago
11/11 The last was the tough. The rest were easy.
Wufferduck 21 days ago
Got 9-11 because while scrolling down my iPhone picked two wrong ones before I could see my choices!! Bad iPhone!! So I got 9-9 and 0-2 for my iPhone!!
Allison 21 days ago
9/11 - I got the 2 Taylors wrong - Andy and Opie lol
Terrence 21 days ago
Tough quiz, but I passed........................10/11
Robert 21 days ago
11/11. Fun quiz. Had to slow down and think it through on a few.
daDoctah 21 days ago
Noticed a couple of pics of Jets Harmson but seems that name never came up.
JosephScarbrough 21 days ago
"Booger Yelp"? "Elmer Punch"? "Pugs Arrowhead"? "Flash Loiterer"? I'm going to have to remember these names for future reference!
MrBill 21 days ago
11/11; easy one for me - I am a big fan of the Andy Griffith Show.
ETristanBooth MrBill 21 days ago
11/11. Me too. Very easy.
dean 22 days ago
10/11, but I guessed at a few...wasn't sure of last names.
DIGGER1 22 days ago
I got 11 out of 11.
Nice work! You're sharp enough to be sheriff around here.
Like I've said before, I amaze even myself sometimes.
anthony 23 days ago
9/11.Your sharp enough to be sheriff around here.Thanks Andy!😀 These were harder then I thought they were gonna be.One of the two I missed was The Andy one because I was looking for the G for Griffith.Did anyone else miss that one for the same reason?
garykevinware anthony 21 days ago
11/11. The character's name was Andy Taylor.
Allison anthony 21 days ago
I did the exact same thing - looked for the g.
LarryLeGros 23 days ago
11/11. Missed #11!
DIGGER1 LarryLeGros 22 days ago
Then, how could you have gotten all eleven right if you said that you missed the last question? That makes no sense, dude.
nerakr 24 days ago
10/11. Missed the obvious one in #5.
teire 24 days ago
11/11, good scrambles, tricky but fair.
cperrynaples 24 days ago
7/11! Got the major characters, missed the minor ones!
stephaniestavropoulos 24 days ago
11/11 It was a fun quiz. I would like to see more of these! I would also like to see METV do some REBUS PUZZLES, these can be just a challenging as unscrambling words/names.
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