Do these TV show titles start with ''The'' or not?

Here's THE big question of THE day.

Here at MeTV, we like remembering every little detail about our favorite shows, and that brings us to today's quiz. 

It's a habit we can all fall into, dropping "the" from the front of TV titles we love and even sometimes adding it where it doesn't belong. 

But if we want to be accurate about things - which we always, always do - we think it's important to utter this extra syllable every now and again as a reminder, to keep the correct name rattling around in our heads.

Below, we've mixed up some TV titles that some fans add "the" to and some TV titles where some fans take "the" away. See if you can pick the correct title every time. We wish you THE best of luck!
  1. Pick the correct title: Beverly Hillbillies or The Beverly Hillbillies?
  2. Pick the correct title: Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet or The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet?
  3. Pick the correct title: Adventures of Superman or The Adventures of Superman?
  4. Pick the correct title: Bionic Woman or The Bionic Woman?
  5. Pick the correct title: Land of the Lost or The Land of the Lost?
  6. Pick the correct title: Mod Squad or The Mod Squad?
  7. Pick the correct title: Wonder Years or The Wonder Years?
  8. Pick the correct title: Family Ties or The Family Ties?
  9. Pick the correct title: Golden Girls or The Golden Girls?
  10. Pick the correct title: Good Times or The Good Times?
  11. Pick the correct title: Perfect Strangers or The Perfect Strangers?
  12. Pick the correct title: Facts of Life or The Facts of Life
  13. Pick the correct title: Barbary Coast or The Barbary Coast?
  14. Pick the correct title: Lawman or The Lawman?
Do these TV show titles start with ''The'' or not?

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ndebrabant 4 months ago
Do these TV show titles start with ''The'' or not?

You got 14 out of 14
That's THE ticket! Nice work.
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