Do you know everything about Alan Alda's acting career?

From political figures to love interests, Alda has played just about everything!

Alan Alda has been in the acting business since the 1950s, when he began his career a member of an improvisational comedy group known as the Compass Players. From there, Alda made appearances in several stage productions with companies including the Cleveland Play House, where he had roles in such plays as Heaven Come Wednesday and Job.

Much of his early career was spent on stages across the country, but this didn't stop him from pursuing his iconic career on screen both big and little.

We want to know if you're an expert when it comes to Alda's cinematic and television credits. Do you know everything about his acting career? Show us your trivia smarts!

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  1. Which U.S. historical figure is Hawkeye named after on M*A*S*H?
  2. Alda appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a film that earned DiCaprio a nomination for Best Actor — and Alda a nomination for Best Supporting Actor! Which movie was it?
  3. Which of these shows is listed as Alda's first television credit?
  4. True or False: On '30 Rock,' Alda played the role of Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) mentor from college.
  5. Alda plays the President of the United States in this 1995 political comedy, which featured John Candy and Rhea Perlman trying to start a Cold War with a neighboring country. What is the name of this movie?
  6. How many times has Alda played a Senator in a movie or TV show?
  7. Alda had a recurring role on one of these 1990s hospital dramas. On which show did he appear multiple times?
  8. True or False: Alda was in a movie alongside Mel Gibson.
  9. As of 2019, on how many TV shows has Alan Alda appeared on 5 or more episodes of the program?
  10. Alda had two movies come out in 2015. Of the below, which movie did NOT include Alda?

Do you know everything about Alan Alda's acting career?

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MrsPhilHarris 9 days ago
7/10 I only knew 2 of them (1 & 3). The rest were guesses.
Jeremy 9 days ago
Seven out of ten, mostly guesses!
cperrynaples 9 days ago
7/10! with comments [1] DUH for MASH fans! [2] Didn't remember Alda in that movie! [3]Would you believe Dick Cavett also debuted on PSS? [4] I remember when Mommy Dearest gave Jack the news that his father was...a Democrat!! [5]Would you believe Michael Moore wrote this movie? [6] Seduction of Joe Tynan with Meryl Streep and was the TV show West Wing or Blacklist? [7 & 8] Missed these! [9] Well, i know the first 2: MASH and The 4 Seasons! I think West Wing and Blacklist are correct! [10] Lucky guess! PS Since they had the picture, why not include Crimes & Misdemeanors? "If it bends ,it's funny! If it breaks, it's not!"
Runeshaper 9 days ago
You got 8 out of 10
If there was a clever name for Alan Alda fans (Aldamaniacs?), you'd have earned it tenfold! Nicely done!

Yea, I don't really know that much about Alan. Just a lot of lucky guesses LOL
Moody 9 days ago
6/10. I really didn't know most of these.
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