Do you know the dogs of The Andy Griffith Show?

Hopefully, this quiz isn't too "ruff" for you.

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Mayberry has gone to the dogs! The Andy Griffith Show was filled with cute canines. And we're not just talking about the classic episode "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs." Barney had a dog, Goober had a dog, Floyd had a dog…. (Actually, all those dogs seemed to have been played by the same dog actor.)

Do you remember all the pooches that pawed their way through Mayberry? We leashed together 11 trivia questions about dogs from the sitcom. See if you can earn a treat and pass the quiz!

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  1. What is the name of Barney's Bloodhound in "Barney's Bloodhound"?
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  2. Where is this calendar with a Collie hanging in "Mayberry Goes Hollywood"?
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  3. In the very first episode, Opie says a prayer for his pets. What is the name of his dog?
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  4. Who carved this wooden dog for Opie?
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  5. In "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs," what bar does this little pooch enjoy eating from Barney's lunch?
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  6. In "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs," how many total dogs were there that belonged to Clint Biggers?
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  7. In "The Cow Thief," the dog Mack belongs to this fellow, a recent release from jail.
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  8. What is the name of Floyd's dog in "Jailbreak"?
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  9. What does Goober ironically name this "talking" dog in "A Man's Best Friend"?
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  10. In "Gomer the House Guest," the Taylors and Gomer are watching a TV show about a man and his dog. What is it called?
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  11. In that same scene, we learn that Gomer once had a "sweet, but dumb" dog named…? Well, it was one of his two names.
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Do you know the dogs of The Andy Griffith Show?

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Mjock3 38 months ago
can you tell me what breed the dog is in question 5 of dogs, dogs, dogs Andy Griffith.
Sleeper Mjock3 33 months ago
Wire haired terrier maybe.
Snickers 39 months ago
8 out of 11. I'm a cat kind of guy anyway.
dmirarh 39 months ago
8/11 thought I would have done better.
SSLAGO 39 months ago
11/11 Ba Ba Ba Bam yall thats how its done
jmendoza14 40 months ago
11 of 11 . . . look out ! ! !
Burny813 40 months ago
Does Dick make an appearance with his brother Jerry Van Dyke in Banjo- Playing Deputy?
HFAvery 40 months ago
11 of 11!! Watch this show tooooo much!! Lol
Otis49 41 months ago
Seven of eleven, but great job robyni23!
kimmer 41 months ago
8/11....I need to pay
MrBill 41 months ago
9/11; I did not remember the last two - I guess I did not pay attention to those details in the episode.
MikeCole 41 months ago
9/11 not bad I guess been a while!!
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