Do you know what happens in the Leave It to Beaver episode ''The Haircut''?

Guess what groceries and haircuts cost in 1957.

"The Haircut" a sleeper pick for one of the great Christmas episodes in sitcom history. You might forget that it was, in fact, a Christmas episode. Just the fourth episode overall in Leave It to Beaver's legendary run, "The Haircut" is best known for, well, the haircut. Young Beaver Cleaver ends up looking like Mr. T. 

The reason Beaver needs a haircut? A Christmas pageant. The episode ends with a boys choir singing a carol.

Even if you have never seen it, your knowledge of 1950s America and television formulas will give you good educated guesses.

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  1. June Cleaver is sewing a costume for Beaver. What is the costume?
  2. June gripes about the cost of groceries. How much did she spend?
  3. How much does Ward give Beaver for haircut — plus a tip for the barber?
  4. Who cuts Beaver's hair?
  5. What does June make for dinner?
  6. What is the excuse Wally and Beaver give to explain why they are wearing caps?
  7. What punishment do Ward and June give Wally and Beaver?
  8. What is the name of the grammar school that Beaver attends?
  9. What Christmas carol do the children sing at the end?

Do you know what happens in the Leave It to Beaver episode ''The Haircut''?

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phialpha 2 months ago
9/9 I saw that episode today!!!
DarioWiter 13 months ago
6 out of 9 is pretty good! 💈🏫 😁
Firefly2020 16 months ago
I aced it! I knew I would cause I watch the shows over and over and over. Just love Beaver and so happy MeTV keeps airing it. God bless you, MeTV!
Rickyb5775 17 months ago
Great episode. Except it aired in October 25th 1957. It is The closes to any holiday themed episode of the entire series.
KathyMcKinny 20 months ago
pretty sure he wore a skincap with a bad haircut, cause in the next episode......his hair is fine.
Glenn 21 months ago
8/9. Forgot about the song.
booster 21 months ago
9/9 I was a big fan of the show.
SandyLynneCastrini 21 months ago
6/11. And of course it was Eddie who cut Beaver’s hair.
Wally cut Beaver's hair.
SheriHeffner 21 months ago
8 out of 9. I didn't remember how much money she spent. And I love this episode.
I remember my mother complaining that heating oil went up to 16 cents a gallon and my aunt spent a whopping 24cents for a pack of cigarettes.
anthony 21 months ago
4/9.About right! surprised anybody did worse then me.
Jeremy 21 months ago
Watch "The Haircut" on Black Friday, November 19, at 8:30AM | 7:30C as part of A Very Merry MeTV!

Well, I'm afraid I missed that since November 19th was a week ago. I believe they really mean November 29 but they made a typo.
MrsPhilHarris 21 months ago
What a stinker. I thought I would do better. 5/9. Yikes!
DouglasMorris 22 months ago
8/9! missed the last one, number 9.
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