Do you know what these police codes mean on Adam-12?

One Adam-12, quiz in progress, proceed with caution. Code 2.

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There's no denying officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy had a lot to deal with while cruising the streets of Los Angeles on Adam-12

From petty theft to serious criminal charges, the officer duo often had their hands full. When a call from the station came in, they needed to be able to identify the crime and respond quickly. 

Do you know what these codes mean? 

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  1. If a 211 is in progress, what crime are Reed and Malloy responding to?
  2. What does code 2 mean?
  3. What about code 7?
  4. If a call of 415 comes through the police radio, what is it referring to?
  5. What is code 8?
  6. Code 3 means...
  7. What does the code 217 mean?
  8. What is code 5?
  9. Code 6?

Do you know what these police codes mean on Adam-12?

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