Do you remember what happened in the Leave It to Beaver episode 'New Neighbors'?

Do you remember this hilarious episode?

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The first seasons of shows are either a hit or miss. However, Leave It to Beaver caught viewers' attention from the introductory episode to the series finale.

The show followed the everyday adventures and shenanigans of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, a young boy growing up in a world where there was never a dull moment. Of course, it also focused on his family, his mom and dad, June and Ward Cleaver, and his older brother Wally.

With a legendary sitcom like this one, it's hard to figure out which episode was your ultimate favorite. Fans can choose between episodes from six seasons of family-oriented laughter.

Yet, how well do you remember the episode "New Neighbors" from season one?

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  1. Why did June not like Wally's friend Eddie?
  2. What did June want Wally to do?
  3. Who took the flowers over instead?
  4. What did Mrs. Donaldson do after Beaver gave her the flowers?
  5. What line did Eddie say to scare the Beaver about the kiss?
  6. What question did Beaver ask his dad?
  7. Why did the Donaldsons invite Beaver over?
  8. Why was Beaver against going over to the Donaldson's house?
  9. Where did the Beaver go after he ran out of their house?
  10. What happened at the end?

Do you remember what happened in the Leave It to Beaver episode 'New Neighbors'?

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BunnerJake 17 months ago
8/10 should have done better
Mob39 18 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 10 out of 10
Ready2go 18 months ago
10/10. The actor who played Mr. Donaldson was the sheriff in Sand Rock, Arizona, in the 1953 sci fi classic.
"it Came from Outer Space", with Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush( her first movie).
bagandwallyfan52 18 months ago
Phyllis Coates who played Lois Lane 1
In The Adventures Of Superman was Mrs. DONALDSON in this Leave It
To Beaver episode.
KawiVulc 18 months ago
9/10. Don't believe I've ever seen the episode but it's not too hard to work through the options & pick the right one. Guessed wrong on #7, first answer wasn't quite LITB-like but either of the other 2 were possible.
mda 18 months ago
10/10. LITB and The Andy Griffith show are my two favorite classic TV shows. Never get tired of watching them.
ELEANOR 18 months ago
9/10 Having never watched this episode, the storyline was pretty obvious. A little boy getting kissed, even on the cheek, is the worst thing in the world.
vinman63 18 months ago
Ward weren't you hard on the Beaver last night.
MadMadMadWorld vinman63 18 months ago
Why do posters keep saying that worn-out line? What is it supposed to mean? Enough of that line!
BorisK 18 months ago
10/10. I certianly know my Beavers.
frenchman71 18 months ago
10/10. I know my "Beaver" episodes. My favorite part of this episode is where Beaver goes over to the party and Wally is outside their house spying on Beaver, giving him the high sign, sounding like an injured animal.
Wendy57 18 months ago
Love Leave it to Beaver.
It’s a feel good show for me. 😊
James 18 months ago
10-1 I was expecting a question about Mr Donaldson hedge Clippers.
Peter_Falk_Fan 18 months ago
9/10 missed #5. I picked the wrong "husband" line.
QazWiz 18 months ago
#1 was running gag on L2B...
#2, #3, #4, #7-#10 were obvious once you remember it was "50's" style TV
(garbage was Dad JOB not child labor for example)
#9 = classic Beaver setup to closing morel & #10 since 50's&60's must have a morel.
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