Fan quiz: How well do you know the first episode of Lost in Space?

Can you remember the details of the Jupiter 2's maiden voyage?


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The far-off future of the Nineties. A family boards the Jupiter 2 with the intention of setting up a colony in a distant star system, only to be thrown off-course by sabotage gone wrong.

This was TV viewers' first introduction to the Robinson family. "The Reluctant Stowaway" was the first episode of Lost in Space, not counting the original unused pilot. Over the next three seasons, the Irwin Allen show would become a cultural icon, still remembered today — even if the oft-quoted "danger, Will Robinson!" only was actually said once on the show.

How well do you know the first adventure of the Robinson family?

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  1. What was the Jupiter 2's launch date?
  2. What was the Jupiter 2's destination?
  3. Who controlled the Jupiter 2's launch?
  4. Who played the President of the United States?
  5. Dr. Zachary Smith held which rank?
  6. What was the enemy adversary's call sign used when the "Machiavellian Menace", Dr. Smith, reported the Jupiter 2's sabotage?
  7. How many hours after the Jupiter 2's launch did Dr. Smith reprogram the environmental control robot to destroy the ship with all hands aboard?
  8. How long were the Robinsons and Major West supposed to have been in suspended animation?
  9. What was the purpose of the Jupiter 2's mission?
  10. Major West reports that Dr. Smith's added weight onboard the Jupiter 2 caused what to happen?
  11. Who goes outside the Jupiter 2 to repair damage caused by the meteor shower?
  12. While exterior meteor damage is being repaired what happens to put the astronaut in peril?
  13. BONUS QUESTION: What was the original unaired pilot of "Lost in Space" called?

Fan quiz: How well do you know the first episode of Lost in Space?

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Supercat58 25 months ago
Got all but the person who played the president. I figured it was probably somebody famous.
Dwaine 26 months ago
10 out of 11. Remember watching it in Black and White.
Moverfan 26 months ago
I used to watch Lost In Space in the late 60s/early 70s--it was on in the afternoon 5 days a week and I was in grade school (I remember playing Lost In Space on the monkey bars at recess). Since that was some forty-five years ago, let's just say my score was embarrassing and leave it there.
ironman2000 27 months ago
13/13. I'm old enough to be around when L.I.S. aired for the first time on CBS on Wednesday nights but they never showed the pilot. I do remember watching the pilot for the first time when they ran the reruns on WGN channel 9 Chicago in the late 60s.
Unvmyvdub 27 months ago
13/13. I have been watching since this series originally aired when I was a kid and still love them.

Last week there was a Lost In Space reference on the Young Sheldon TV series. Sheldon was seated a bus going to his first sci-fi convention when a Dr. Zachary Smith fan boarded in full costume. It was a great scene played by the character perfectly.
Yes! I saw that 👏
EgbertSouse Unvmyvdub 27 months ago
That guy did a great Dr. Smith. I liked when he saw Sheldon and said, "Oh the pain". Excellent.
My one problem was the mistake they made when the other guy on the bus said, "At least we didn't steal our robot from "Forbidden Planet". The writer obviously didn't do his homework. Robby the Robot was from Forbidden Planet NOT Robot B9 from Lost in Space. While they were both created by the same guy they are certainly not the same robot. Robby was actually in two episodes of Lost in Space.
lynngdance Unvmyvdub 27 months ago
😁😁 loved that in that episode of Young Sheldon! 😁😁
Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
8/13 - perhaps I should have watched the episode last night
ChuckStorey 27 months ago
I got 13/13, but I did watch the episode last night. I just loved watching the clarity of watching the clarity of the new BluRay editions! WOW..
tjritter79 27 months ago
8/13 clueless on a few!
Filmnoirfan tjritter79 27 months ago
just joined the club
327053 27 months ago
5/13 😬 It looks like I’m lost in space!
Steve2021 27 months ago
yikes ! tough one,
Dayna Steve2021 27 months ago
Nah! Just google it. LOL
JHP 27 months ago
just to make the posters chuckle

I had a crush on Debbie - just some levity
JHP 27 months ago
lost in space is a 60's sci-fi show - with really bad special effects - exit all you millennial's - go and watch AMC

its an ok show (lost in space) - NOW DS9:) is my #1 & #2 and #3 and
JHP 27 months ago
9/13,,,, ok #9 HUH? I got wrong
deep space colonization
would the robot got lucky too
think about it
need my sven fix:)
Greg 27 months ago
The Robinsons the worst parents in the Universe they have seen Smith use their children as human shields multiple times. Also if an unrelated adult male takes that much interest in taking a boy that age on camping trips um nufsaid
JHP Greg 27 months ago
"oh the pain - the pain"
BrentwoodJon Greg 27 months ago
Dr.Smith WAS the bad guy!
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