Fan quiz: How well do you know the Star Trek episode ''Let That Be Your Last Battlefield''?

How well do you know the actors, details, and plot points from this season-three episode?


Thanks to MeTV fan Christopher Seeley from Killeen, Texas, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

The third season of Star Trek comes with mixed feelings for a lot of fans. It starts with the notorious episode "Spock's Brain" (which we personally think gets a bad rap) and contains a few episodes that consistently end up on "worst of" lists. However, the final season of the original series contains some real gems. Among them is "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield". One of Star Trek's more direct modern issue allegories, this latter-season episode has some great writing and performances by some TV icons.

How well do you know this episode? Things aren't always black and white!

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  1. Commissioner Bele and Lokai are from which planet?
  2. What did Lokai steal from Starbase 4?
  3. "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" deals with which real world topic?
  4. Commissioner Bele is portrayed by which actor?
  5. What villain did Bele's actor famously play in the 1960s Batman TV show?
  6. Lokai and Commissioner Bele's unexpected arrival interrupts the Enterprise's mission to which planet?
  7. What crime is Lokai accused of?
  8. To regain control of the Enterprise from Commissioner Bele, Captain Kirk threatens which action?
  9. How long did Commissioner Bele claim to have chased the fugitive Lokai?
  10. Lokai is portrayed by which actor?
  11. True or false: Hate resulted in the destruction of Planet Cheron's civilization.

Fan quiz: How well do you know the Star Trek episode ''Let That Be Your Last Battlefield''?

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STTOS 28 months ago
You got 11 out of 11 - Did you pass this quiz with flying colors...or was it a countdown to destruction? Whoo hoo!! Better than I did on "The Naked Time" quiz.
JERRY6 28 months ago
7 of 11 not bad lastseen 50 years ago mixed op loki and bele
Sgreenwald2 29 months ago
Got them all right. "Let this be your Last Battlefield " is one of my favorite episodes. Since the episode deals with race, I find it very informative and serious matter. It is a problem that still exists today and needs to be dealt with.
Randall 30 months ago
From a young age, this episode formed my views on the ABSURDITY of Racial discrimination! The statement of Lokia being white on one side and black on the other vs. Commissioner beal having the exact reverse showed me that we are all human and we need to learn from one another, not just live in fear of one who is different!!
JohnAustin779 30 months ago
7 out of 11 right. I guess I better go rewatch that episode, huh 😀? Another great quiz, MeTV 👍! Props to Mr. Christopher Seeley for coming up with a real stumper of a quiz 👏🖖😊.
Greg 30 months ago
10/11 Better than I thought I'd do. Nichelle Nichols told Roddenberry she saw what he was doing, making a statement on racism. He simply put his finger on his mouth and went shhhh.
lugeditor Greg 28 months ago
Roddenberry and Nichols were an item before the show began.
FatOlBroad 30 months ago
Fan quiz: How well do you know the Star Trek episode ''Let That Be Your Last Battlefield''?
You got 10 out of 11
Did you pass this quiz with flying colors...or was it a countdown to destruction?

Actually one of my least favorite eps. Too obvious. ST is at its best when subtle. 🖖
Pauly_789 30 months ago
Missed 9 and 10...been a while since I've seen this episode, not one of my favorites.
Davvee 30 months ago
100%. Couldn't be a true trekkie and miss any of those.
Filmnoirfan 31 months ago
7/11 - actually have never seen the episode and guessed on every question hoping to get at least five correct. Gorshin was very good in a number of shows
djw1120 31 months ago
I thought this was going to be a hard quiz, but I guess not.
Way too easy.
Stoney 31 months ago
7 for 11. Another good, challenging quiz. Well done once again, Mr. Seeley.
STTOS 31 months ago
You got 9 out of 11 - Did you pass this quiz with flying colors...or was it a countdown to destruction? Gosh darn in, I missed #6 & #9. Had both questions narrowed down to 2 answers and picked the wrong one each time. Oh well, back to Talos IV for me.
djw1120 STTOS 31 months ago
Speaking about "Countdown to destruction" the codes that Kirk, Spock and Scotty used were the same codes that Kirk, Scotty and Chekov used in the third movie (ST: The Search for Spock) when they blew up the Enterprise with all the Klingons on it.
Plurbus 31 months ago
Please don't forget that without the 3rd season there wouldn't have been enough episodes to go into syndicated repeats.
Snickers Plurbus 31 months ago
Remember without Star Trek there would have been no Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, or the other shows and movies.
RickTaylor 31 months ago
My favorite ST dialogue exchange is from The Cloud Minders.
Plasus: Gentlemen, one of our planet's most incomparable works of art: my daughter Droxine. Captain James Kirk.

Captain James T. Kirk: A pleasure, Madam.

Droxine: Indeed yes, Captain.

Plasus: And First Officer Spock.

[Spock bows his head very slowly]

Droxine: I have never before met a Vulcan, sir.

Mr. Spock: Nor I a work of art, Madam.
djw1120 RickTaylor 31 months ago
And what, pray tell does this have to do with this quiz?
Snickers djw1120 31 months ago
Both are season three episodes and the gentleman was just voicing his interest in that episode.
RichLorn 31 months ago
I don't know my Rigel 12 from my ArriAnus.
Filmnoirfan RichLorn 31 months ago
join the club
Spiro 31 months ago
I'd like to see a quiz testing people on what Bones will say he's not...

Darn it Jim I'm a Doctor.
Not a...BLANK.


Short order cook

Rodeo clown

Belly dancer
lynngdance Spiro 31 months ago
Engineer, Coal Miner, Etc. lol
djw1120 lynngdance 31 months ago
Let's not forget "Moon shuttle conductor".
Snickers Spiro 31 months ago
They already did that quiz.
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