How many 1980s TV dramas can you remember?

Try to fill in all the blanks!

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We have quizzed you on 1980s action shows and sitcoms. It's only natural that we now test your knowledge of drama.

There were dozens of soapy, mysterious, family dramas throughout the Eighties. It would incredibly hard to test you on all of them. Many of them lasted fewer than 10 episodes.

The following stuck around for longer. Most of them for two seasons or more. But we threw in a handful of cult favorites that ran for one season.

See how many blanks can you fill in!

  1. Murder, _____ Wrote (1984–96)
  2. Mat_ _ _ _ (1986–95)
  3. _. _. Law (1986–94)
  4. ______something (1987–91)
  5. D_ _ _ _ s (1978–91)
  6. _ _n_ s_y (1981–89)
  7. _____ Street Blues (1981–87)
  8. Cagney & ______ (1982–88)
  9. _____ Crest (1981–90)
  10. _ _me (1982–87)
  11. _____ Landing (1979–93)
  12. The Days and Nights of Molly _____ (1987–91)
  13. St. ______
  14. _ _tel (1983–88)
  15. Beauty and the _____ (1987–90)
  16. _____ Beach (1988–91)
  17. Trapper John, _____ (1979–86)
  18. _____ Road (1980–82)
  19. The Co_b_s (1985–87)
  20. O_ara (1987–88)
  21. _____ Murphy (1981–83)
  22. Father _____ Mysteries (1989–91)
  23. Our _____ (1986–88)
  24. Emerald Point _._._.
  25. Midnight _____ (1988–91)
  26. The Bronx _____ (1987–88)
  27. The Mis_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (1982–84)
  28. The ______ Rose (1983–84)
  29. Finder of Lost ______ (1984–85)
  30. Call to _____ (1984–85)

How many 1980s TV dramas can you remember?

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mamaspapas 1 day ago
26 of 30. I loved the 80s. Those were the happiest days of my life. Am smiling.
wbyassee 4 days ago
You got 27 out of 30
You examined the evidence with great care! Nice work, Eighties ace!
marmetv20 7 days ago
28/30 I hit a wrong button on Fsther Dowling! Loved that show. Missed the Bronx one.
KathrynJordan 8 days ago
21 out of 30 is not bad. I would say that remembering things I watched and didn't watch 30+ years ago is pretty good. Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Knots Landing and Beauty & the Beast were my favorites in the 1980s.
susiewaldridge 13 days ago
How many 1980s TV dramas can you remember?

You got 23 out of 30

You examined the evidence with great care! Nice work, Eighties ace!
Robert 14 days ago
25/30. Better than I expected since I really never watched much TV in the 80's. I was too busy starting a career, getting married, having kids, attending trade classes, helping aging parents... That said, the TV shows in the 80's are somewhat of a blur, but I had heard of many of the names of the shows. It still was a fun quiz!
daDoctah 14 days ago
29/30. Missed the last one.

"Ohara" starred Pat Morita. Not to be confused with the 1971-72 series "O'Hara, U.S. Treasury" which starred David Janssen (who also starred in the somewhat similar sounding "Harry O" in 74-76).
galpaula98 14 days ago
Big improvement. I did much better.
scp 14 days ago
28 out of 30, and the two I missed I was guessing between the one I picked and the right answer. Not bad after three decades, especially because I never watched most of these.
DavidBartholomew 15 days ago
Our House!! Wilfred Brimley, Deidre Hall, Shannon Doherty (1st Role?). Loved it!

Brimley was the grumpy father-in-law of widow Hall and her 3 kids. Good family drama.
scp DavidBartholomew 14 days ago
I think Shannon Doherty's first TV role was on Little House playing Laura's and Almonzo's niece who came to live with them.
Sally 15 days ago
30/30 I guessed a few. That was a long quiz!
jimmyvici 15 days ago
25/30...never even heard of a few of those shows. Dang! Long live the ‘80’s!!!! ❤️
denny 15 days ago
30/30 3 maybe 4 were total guesses.
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