How many of these TV commercial mascots do you remember?

Can you match Mr. Whipple, Juan Valdez and Fred the Baker to the right brands?

TV commercials have given us just as many memorable characters as TV shows. Cartoon characters like Charlie the Tuna and the Jolly Green Giant convince kids to eat healthy, while Cap'n Crunch and Toucan Sam appeal to their sweet tooth. 

But we're here to talk about the humans. It's impossible to watch television today without coming across Flo pitching insurance, Jan pushing Toyota sales or the Sprint Guy, who used to be the Verizon Guy.

Let's roll the clock back a little further. You might recognize the following human mascots from advertising past. See if you can match these fictional characters to the correct products! Good luck!
  1. Mr. Whipple asked you to please not squeeze the…?
  2. This little man in a little boat set sail in toilet tanks for…?
  3. For Fred the Baker, it was always "time to make the…?"
  4. Rosie the Waitress demonstrated the power of…?
  5. Gordon Jump from 'WKRP in Cincinnati' was one of the actors to play the lonely repairman for…?
  6. Madge the manicurist said, "You're soaking in it!"
  7. Juan Valdez represented the coffee growers of which country?
  8. Joe here was the spokesman for this Japanese automaker.
  9. Josephine the Plumber touted the cleaning power of…?
  10. Mary Tyler Moore played the happy little elf for this brand.
  11. What were these two fellows selling?
  12. Finally, Marge Redmond of 'The Flying Nun' played a fictional innkeeper named Sarah Tucker for this brand in the 1970s.
How many of these TV commercial mascots do you remember?

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SalIanni 15 days ago
"It's impossible to watch television today without coming across Flo pitching insurance, Jan pushing Toyota sales or the Sprint Guy, who used to be the Verizon Guy." That's not true at all because I haven't seen any of these commercials and I have no idea who these people are. I did recognize many of the people in the quiz. Mr Whipple was Dick Wilson, the drunk guy on "Bewitched". Mary Tyler Moore's commercial for Hotpoint can be seen on "The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet" which I have on DVD. Gordon Jump of WKRP took over the Maytag repairman role from Jesse White, who appeared on many series in the 1960s, including "Bewitched", "I Dream Of Jeannie", and "The Beverly Hillbillies".
VBartilucci 16 days ago
This could have been a WAY longer list.

How about Mae Questel (Betty Boop, Olive Oyl) as Aunt Bluebell for Scott Paper Towels.

Margaret Hamilton (Wizard of Oz) as Cora for Maxwell House

Virginia Christine (Too many TV credits to list) as Mrs. Olson for Folgers

Also, the same actor who played Fred the baker was also playing Sam Breakstone at the same time.
scp 16 days ago
12 out of 12. Had to guess on the last one, and only got MTM because of the insignia you can sort of see on her costume.
legion1a 19 days ago
8/12. The only ones I missed were the ones I never saw.
I must have been outside playing when they came on.
Geronimo 19 days ago
I remember these commercials when I was younger..............................11/12
MrBill 19 days ago
10/12; missed #8 & #10. I never heard of Hotpoint and do not remember the ad featured for Isuzu.
Zoshchenko 19 days ago
Colombia! Not Columbia.
Randall Zoshchenko 17 days ago
Very obzervant of you...l never would have caught that
CatMomWanda 20 days ago
12/12. I remembered all of them, except number 8. I had never seen that one. It was just a guess.
Bobbo 20 days ago
12/12. Don’t know how I knew #12 though.
BrittReid 20 days ago
11/12 Missed Joe Isuzu like the shooter.
Paul_6196849 20 days ago
I got 12/12, but to be honest I never saw the Hotpoint commercial. I kinda cheated, and guessed Hotpoint because it looked like Mary was wearing something with an "H" on the front.
Dan Paul_6196849 20 days ago
Never saw this one either. Maybe from the early 50s?
teire 21 days ago
12/12. I was such a good mark back then.
Dan teire 20 days ago
No, you were just glued to the TV like the rest of
MichaelSkaggs 21 days ago
12 out of 12. I watched a lot of commercials during the game shows. Also, does anyone else miss watching Mr. Whipple? He was a hoot (as one of my high school teachers would say).
Barry22 21 days ago
9/12, Wow, I forgot about Josephine the Plumber
UTZAAKE Barry22 19 days ago
12/12. The most rapidly-talking and perky pitchwoman I've ever seen.
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