How well do you know Mayberry by the numbers?

It takes a true Andy Griffith Show expert to score big.

We all love Mayberry. We know the colorful characters around town, and all the quaint establishments.

But how well do you know the little details? We're talking numbers — phone numbers, population, school years, ages, fines, etc. If you can pass this quiz, consider yourself an Andy Griffith Show expert!
  1. How old is Opie Taylor at the start of The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. How many seasons were there of The Andy Griffith Show?
  3. How many seasons of The Andy Griffith Show were produced in color?
  4. In the final episode of The Andy Griffith Show we see the population of Mayberry on a sign at the train station. How many people live in the town?
  5. In the episode "Class Reunion," Andy and Barney go to their high school reunion. The reunion is for which class?
  6. How many children does Sheriff Andy Taylor have by the end of the spin-off, Mayberry R.F.D.?
  7. After Don Knotts left the show, Barney Fife was replaced by Deputy Warren Ferguson. Warren appeared in how many episodes?
  8. Who has the phone number 426 in Mayberry?
  9. In "Andy and Helen Have Their Day," a game warden catches Andy and Helen fishing without a license. What is the fine for fishing without a license?
  10. In "Three Wishes for Opie," Opie's third wish is for Helen Crump to remain his teacher for the next school year. Which grade is Opie entering?
  11. In "Eat Your Heart Out," Goober is trying to impress Flora. According to Goober, he is the fastest in town at taking apart a carburetor. What is his record time?
How well do you know Mayberry by the numbers?

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DouglasMorris 8 days ago
6/11! missed numbers 4,6,7,8 and 11.
anthony 9 months ago
6/11.By far the worst score I ever got on a TAGS quiz.
mimi2 9 months ago
I don't remember Andy having another son with Helen. Must have not watched many of those. Did they ever show him?
anthony mimi2 9 months ago
The question said how many kids did he have at the end of the spinoff mayberry rfd.In the first episode of the second season on RFD Andy and Helen return to mayberry with their new baby Andy Jr,to have him Christen in Mayberry.But then in 1986 reunion movie "Return to Mayberry" Andy Jr is never mentioned.
ETristanBooth 9 months ago
9/11. Missed the population and the carburetor.
Terrence 9 months ago
I'm a true Andy Griffith expert.........................10/11
MrBill 9 months ago
8/11; I never paid much attention to phone numbers or population and missed those questions. Also missed the one on Goober's carburetor - never card much for the colored episodes.
daDoctah 9 months ago
Easiest one of all for me was the number of seasons, because earlier today I was just thinking about Allan Melvin, and how he had recurring roles on everything from the Dick Van Dyke Show to Gomer Pyle to the Brady Bunch to Magilla Gorilla and the Banana Splits, he played a different character in every TAGS episode he appeared in: eight, one for each season.
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
7/11 I can't believe the population was that high.
DIGGER1 9 months ago
Well, how was I to know that Andy and Helen were going to give Opie a baby brother? And, I never did care much for Warren replacing Barney as deputy of Mayberry, and for Barney to be working someplace else. It just wasn't right.
Barry22 9 months ago
7/11, the numbers were against me.
DIGGER1 Barry22 9 months ago
You got 8 out of 11
Well, I'll be! You might as well be sheriff!
I probably could have done a little better. LOL!
Jeffrey 9 months ago
You got 5 out of 11 -----------Well, that was a little befuddling! That's okay, it was a tough one indeed!
ndebrabant 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
Well, I'll be! You might as well be sheriff!
cperrynaples 9 months ago
7/11! Missed 6 [forgot AJ], 8 [aren't all TV phones 555?], 9 [seems a little too high for Mayberry] and 11[somehow 38 minutes seems a little too slow]!
Jeffrey cperrynaples 9 months ago
NO, cperrynaples, This was long before that, local telephone companies in small towns had their own numbering systems back in the 1930's on up to the '70s, where some were one long & two short for example before dial phones were invented. Like with the candlestick phones, which didn't have dials until later.
CatMomWanda 9 months ago
7/11. Pretty much all guesses.
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