How well do you know the onscreen career of Cindy Williams?

From her bigger roles to obscure appearances, think you know the career of the late, great Cindy Williams?

The career of Cindy Williams will continue to live on in the classic television world, long after her passing at the age of 75.

From a handful of appearances in Happy Days to her own spin-off with Penny Marshall, Laverne & Shirley

Williams was no stranger to the big screen either, with several notable movie credits to her name. 

Do you know these trivia questions surrounding the onscreen career of Cindy Williams?

  1. In the 1973 movie American Graffiti, Williams starred alongside Ron Howard's character of Steve Bolander. What was her character's name in the film?
  2. In what movie was Cindy Williams' character named Ann?
  3. During Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, Williams played the legendary character of Shirley Feeney. What was Shirley Feeney's middle name?
  4. Did Cindy Williams ever make an appearance on Matlock?
  5. What about an episode of the Perry Mason TV series (1957)?
  6. How many episodes of Happy Days was Cindy Williams in?
  7. Was Cindy Williams in every episode of Laverne & Shirley?
  8. Pick the one movie Cindy Williams was NOT in.
  9. True or False: Cindy Williams was never on The Love Boat.
  10. Of the shows below, which did Cindy Williams NOT have a recurring role?

How well do you know the onscreen career of Cindy Williams?

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