How well do you know the two-part first episode of The A-Team?

Would you be able to find The A-Team based on your knowledge of the two-part pilot episode?


How well do you know the soldiers of fortune? In the two-part debut of The A-Team, the crack commando unit consisting of John Hannibal Smith, Howling Mad Murdock, B.A. Baracus and Templeton Faceman Peck go south of the United States boarder to help an imprisoned journalist in ''The Mexican Slayride''.

Put your knowledge of the two-part pilot episode to the test!

  1. After the opening monologue, which of the following images is seen first while the A-Team theme song is being played?
  2. In what Mexico town does the first scene of the episode take place?
  3. Of the three characters below, who ran the prison at Fort Bragg and was the first to try to capture The A-Team?
  4. Who played ''Faceman'' in the pilot episode only, before Dirk Benedict took over the character for the rest of the series?
  5. What is the ''B.A.'' short for in Bosco B.A. Baracus' name?
  6. In part one of the first episode, which of The A-Team members speaks first?
  7. Who does ''Howling Mad'' Murdock tell Amy he was on the phone with, when really it was ''Hannibal'' on the line?
  8. What time does Murdock tell Amy to be at the alley behind the Kozy Kat Klub?
  9. While on the radio waves sending a message to the rest of The A-Team, what code name does ''Hannibal'' use to reveal the location of the next job?
  10. What type of jet does the team escape Los Angeles on, one that ''Faceman'' convinced a saleswoman he was going to purchase?
  11. At a fee of $150,000, Amy agrees to hire The A-Team. How much money does she actually give them, citing ''the bank was closed''?
  12. After drugging ''B.A.'' due to his fear of flying with Murdock, the rest of the team convinces him they drove to Mexico through the night, causing him to say "it’s ________ already?" when he wakes up.
  13. The A-Team is using the script and a plot of a movie to collect all the items they need to retrieve Amy's co-worker, Al. What is the title of the movie?
  14. How does The A-Team destroy the marijuana fields near where Al is being held?
  15. After knocking out Colonel Lynch, where does The A-Team leave him before flying back to the USA?

How well do you know the two-part first episode of The A-Team?

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Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
8/15 That definitely lands me on the F-Team.🙄
DaleM5 25 months ago
Thank ya thank ya thank ya for adding the A-TEAM lineup on me tv…how about airing i love Lucy let? I remember watching that show as a child…I remember it being a new show and a lot of people said it wouldn’t work with a Latino as Lucy’s husband but they proved the critics wrong…
RichardHoard 26 months ago
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DIGGER1 26 months ago
How well do you know the two-part first episode of The A-Team?
You scored a 12 out of 15
Were you able to find The A-Team, or are the soldiers of fortune still in the Los Angeles underground?
Although "THE A-TEAM" is one of my all-time favorite classic T.V. shows to watch, I didn't get a chance to watch the two-part "PILOT" episode when it first aired here on "ME-TV", and I couldn't record it on our "D.V.R." cable-tv system, because my mother was recording episodes of "YELLOWSTONE" starring Kevin Costner, which aired from this past Sunday til this past Tuesday on the "PARAMOUNT" cable channel(CH.570), and for some strange reason, she likes that show just as much as I like "THE A-TEAM". Don't ask me why, okie-dokie? LOL!
DethBiz 26 months ago
12 out of 15. I love it when a quiz comes together.
texasluva 26 months ago
8 out of 15. Have not watched it yet. Though remember others seen in the past. Don't tell Mr T he's flying tonight 😏
KathyWard2 26 months ago
Get rid of A Team! It's 1 hour of the same annoying, LOUD theme music played over and over!
Fuentino 26 months ago
11 of 15. I'll take it. Surprised a small part of the cantina brawl was skipped. POV shot where Quintana smirks and knocks Hannibal unconscious before the screen goes black (cut to commercial)
JohnAKennedy Fuentino 26 months ago
It's on the Season 1 DVD. Actually the original first shot is of the town with the titles in the "Greatest American Hero" typeface. When this went to two parts, they added the series opening credits, and cut a lot of scenes as I saw when I saw it there, including that scene.
Snickers 26 months ago
8/15. I guess you'll have to pity the fool on this quiz.
AllisonWunderland Snickers 26 months ago
Nawww, just go on to the next one 💁‍♀️
Andybandit 26 months ago
I got 6/15. I got #1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, and 14.
LoveMETV22 26 months ago
12/15. Watched the first two before doing the quiz. Fun addition to the schedule. easier to watch than Monk. jmo
Peter_Falk_Fan 26 months ago
6/15 and that includes guessing correctly on the last four. I have only seen bits and pieces of this show. The only one that I knew was #5. I guessed the crop duster on #14 because there was a picture of one (I supposed) in the choices for #1. I had a friend in the MPs who burned confiscated marijuana. His arms broke out from carrying the marijuana to the burn site.
CaptainDunsel 26 months ago
I don't think I've seen the pilot since it first aired. (And no, I didn't watch it on MeTV yestereven and tonight.)
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AllisonWunderland Snickers 26 months ago
Listen to this, there is only 37 actual minutes of a 1 hour soap 😉 I counted them on my DVR recording one day 🤣 I knew it wasn’t just me!!
Yes ,unfortunately they pay for the shows we enjoy broadcast, cable, even streaming all have commercials ,advertisements. It seems commercials had more humor in the past as they do now.
ELEANOR 26 months ago
After seeing "A-team" many times as a crossword puzzle clue, I finally figured out that this is a military term that is commonly used to depict a crack team that goes in first. It's not just the title of a TV show.
CaptainDunsel ELEANOR 26 months ago
Back in the 1960s, Army Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler gained a measure of fame and popularity with his recording of the song "The Ballad of the Green Berets". Pretty much completely forgotten is the flip side of that single, "The A-Team".
AllisonWunderland ELEANOR 26 months ago
Interesting 👍 I had no clue, thanks…Learn something new everyday 😁
MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
4/15 I only knew #5. 🤷‍♀️
…at least you actually knew a few 👏
All guesses but one. 🤪
Let me rephrase that…at least you actually GUESSED a few 😉😆
Wendy57 26 months ago
All guesses.
Never watched the show.
I suppose some people liked it. Must’ve, MeTV quiz developers are almost as taken with it as they were with Full House.
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