If you can't pass this David Bowie lyric quiz, we're revoking your fan club membership

Is there life on this quiz?


It's an undisputed fact that David Bowie is one of the greatest rock stars of our time, and if you disagree with that, why the heck are you taking this quiz? Here, we're celebrating his music by quizzing you on the lyrics to some of his most popular songs. If you can fill in the blank with the correct lyric, you're a certified Bowie expert.

  1. From "Let's Dance": "If you should fall into my arms and tremble like a _____."
  2. From "Life on Mars": "As they ask her to focus on sailors fighting in the dance hall. Oh man, look at those _____ go."
  3. From "Moonage Daydream": "Put your ray gun to my head. Press your _____ _____ close to mine, love."
  4. From "Starman": "Switch on the TV, we may pick him up on _____ _____."
  5. From "Space Oddity": "This is Major Tom to Ground Control. I'm stepping through the door and I'm floating in a most peculiar way. And the _____ look very different today."
  6. From "The Jean Genie": "Sits like a man, but smiles like a _____."
  7. From "Fame": "Is it any wonder you are too _____ __ _____?"
  8. From "The Man Who Sold the World": "I gazed a _____ _____ at all the millions here."
  9. From "Sound and Vision": "Pale blinds drawn all day. ___________."
  10. From "Heroes": "I, I wish you could swim like the ______, like ______ can swim."

If you can't pass this David Bowie lyric quiz, we're revoking your fan club membership

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MikefromJersey 5 months ago
"You got 2 out of 10. We'll have to call you Bad Luck Bowie!"

It's not my fault, I thought the Quiz was about Jim Bowie at the Alamo.
IdaKnow56 6 months ago
Bowie epitomized Glam Rock to me. He was so funky and so strange. But fun! Miss him like hell.
jimmyvici 6 months ago
3/10…not turning in my membership. Nope. Sorry.
Pastorgman 6 months ago
10/10 - 🎶Don't lean on me man cause you ain't got time to check it,
You know my Suffragette City
Is outta sight, she's all right🎶!
nd1irish Pastorgman 6 months ago
🎼 All the way from Washington
Her bread-winner begs off the bathroom floor
"We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?"🎶
KawiVulc 6 months ago
No worries. Never carried that particular card.
frenchman71 6 months ago
3/10. Not good at all. But I like a lot of his music.
LabLove 6 months ago
4 of 10 and I'm ok with that. Not a Bowie fan in the least.
SparkleMotion 6 months ago
9/10...OOF! I expected a 10/10 on this. But I missed number 6. And I have to admit, I thought #8 was "gazeless", but when I tried to look it up online I'm finding both.
Big3Fan 6 months ago
Three lucky guesses. Not a fan of the man.
Robertp 6 months ago
4/10 and just luck to get those. Guess I’m out.
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