Is this Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show or something else?

Can you tell Barney Fife apart from his other hilarious roles?

Don Knotts began his career on television in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow but soon found a home in comedies on the big and small screens. He guest-starred in sitcoms like The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and, of course, rose to fame as Barney Fife in The Andy Griffith Show. And, even while still a regular on Andy Griffith, he starred in multiple movies.

We've collected shots of Don Knotts from around the time he played Barney Fife. Can you guess if each one is from The Andy Griffith Show or something else?

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  1. What is Don Knotts in here?
  2. What is Don Knotts in here?
  3. What is Don Knotts in here?
  4. What is Don Knotts in here?
  5. What is Don Knotts in here?
  6. What is Don Knotts in here?
  7. What is Don Knotts in here?
  8. What is Don Knotts in here?
  9. What is Don Knotts in here?
  10. What is Don Knotts in here?
  11. What is Don Knotts in here?
  12. What is Don Knotts in here?
  13. What is Don Knotts in here?

Is this Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show or something else?

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Marshall_Kolchak 12 days ago
13/13 no Knottsense just perfection!
Hollie 13 days ago
12/13 missed #11 , i dont remember that scene . must be from RFD i didnt watch to many of those
robyni23 15 days ago
You got 13 out of 13
Could you find all the right answers on this quiz?
MikefromJersey 16 days ago
12 for 13. Anybody spot the Bowery Boy in one of the pics? I'll bet a jar of Aunt Bee's pickles
that no one here can give me his name.
They should have used a photo of Don in his Mayberry uniform on the Joey Bishop Show.
There is a neat story behind that, check out "Magnum Mania:It Got By The Censor/Injoke".
That begs a great trivia question that not even "Texasluva" from these boards would have
gotten, though it's moot now that I have revealed the answer:
"Name the series other than The Andy Griffith Show that Barney Fife appears in".
It's not Leo Gorcey, could it be 🤔 Billy Halop? Just a guess. Yep that Texasluva is some character 🤷‍♂️😁
Oh! And keep the pickles 🤪
Gabe Dell is on the far right in question 13. Of all the Bowery Boys, he had the best post East
Side Comedy career. He was on Broadway, in movies and appeared in many TV series of the
60's and 70's, such as The Fugitive, Then Came Bronson.
cabugi 16 days ago
I just watched The Ghost and Mr. Chicken last night on Svengoolie. First time seeing it. It was like Mayberry old home week with Otis, Clara, Myrtle (the 3rd friend on Aunt Bee goes to Mexico) and Judd and Mrs. Poultice the voice teacher. Fun!
paul cabugi 16 days ago
I saw that last night too! Lots of great people in that movie. Never saw it before but it was pretty funny. I really love Don Knotts. A class act!!
Adanor 17 days ago
He certainly loved that salt and pepper suit. No matter what he appeared in, he was sure to wear that suit. Of course, in AG, he only wore that suit when he was out of his uniform and it was a dress-up type occasion. And when he left AG, that suit left with him.
DemetriaRoutte 17 days ago
10/13. 11 & 12, threw me for a loop!
cabugi 17 days ago
12/13 ... missed #10. Which episode is that?
ASperos 17 days ago
13/13!!! Love Don Knotts!!! He is so funny!!!
Natte1955 18 days ago
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OlgaBagley 18 days ago
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Dajj 18 days ago
10/13, I luvved him in The Ghost and Mr Chicken! When I saw it in the theater as a kid, I hid under the chair when the organ started playing by itself! And the bloody shears in the painting!
Andybandit 18 days ago
I got 9/13. I got #5, 6, 7, and 11 wrong. I never saw TAGS in color. Metv doesn't air those episodes.
Actually color episodes were aired last week, post Warren. Don't care much for them
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