It takes a M*A*S*H fanatic to answer these questions from a vintage quiz book

Try to pass this TV trivia challenge from 1984.


Book cover: Plume Books

You can find all sorts of goodies at garage sales and used book stores. Take this dog-eared paperback, for example. In 1984, Paul Bertling published a book of trivia titled M.A.S.H.: The Official 4077 Quiz Manual.

The 164-page paperback was meant for serious fans. Our in-house M*A*S*H expert even scratched her head on some of the questions. 

We culled some of our favorites. See how well you know M*A*S*H! If you can get 7 or more, we are impressed!

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  1. What did Trapper forget when he left the 4077?
  2. Match the person to the nickname: Sgt. Pryor
  3. Match the person to the nickname: Col. Al Houlihan
  4. Where did Hawkeye go to school?
  5. In what city did Hawkeye do his surgical residency?
  6. What was Lt. Dish's first name?
  7. Who was the first actor to play Father Mulcahy (on the television show)?
  8. Was Jamie Farr in the pilot?
  9. Name the actor or actress who played this member of the 4077: Rizzo
  10. Name the actor or actress who played this member of the 4077: Igor
  11. Finally, this tough question can be found on the back cover: Give Klinger's bra size and brand. (Hint: The answer can be found in the episode "Radar's Report".)

It takes a M*A*S*H fanatic to answer these questions from a vintage quiz book

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LynCarrigan 8 months ago
Got 7 out of 11. Looking forward to the finale next week.
Dayna 20 months ago
5/11 it's been wayyyyy too long since I've seen MASH. I used to watch it with my dad. Then he passed right after the show ended.
kevopilis 22 months ago
I didn't bother. I never liked MASH, a couple of drunken doctors isn't as funny as it seems, and neither is
a crossdressing drag queen.
WGH kevopilis 12 months ago
Aen brother
DylanSelf 24 months ago
Jamie Farr was in the pilot, just not as Klinger. He was the voice on the PA.
Ariana1978 24 months ago
I disagree with #5 this was one of the changes they made to Hawkeye. In the episode where frank was arranging the bottles by popularity and size Hawk told trapper "I got this I did my residency at Belleview that is in Manhattan. In Adam's Ribs it was in Deerborn Station in Chicago when he was there doing his residency. His Boston Residency was not until Season 4. Hawkeye was probably the biggest trivia mess in the whole series because it took 4 seasons for them to figure out who he was, where he came from, his background, his education, his family.
ScottSchmidt 27 months ago
In the episode where Klinger first meets Potter, he says "I'm wearing a Warner bra." But no such option on question #11.
Randall 31 months ago
# 5 surprises me, I thought Hawkeye went to school in Chicago, the home of Adam's. RIB
jawtek82 33 months ago
That was a TOUGH quiz. I feel pretty good getting 9/11. Had no chance on who played Igor, and just drew a blank on Lt. Dish.
tnburn35 jawtek82 29 months ago
Frank tried putting him on report once, he gave his real last name instead of his character's name
Randall 35 months ago
I thought Hawkeye's residency was in Chicago, he mentioned it when talking about the TAKE OUT JOINT ADAMS'S RIB!
DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
It helps to pay close attention to the details! How did you do?

Missed #4 and #11.

I remember Max saying something about Maidenform Bras in an episode, but it said that that choice was wrong and that the right answer was Miss High Rise, 36-B cup.
Deleted 39 months ago
This comment has been removed.
musicman37 37 months ago
And when he presented himself to Col. Potter, he stated "I wear a Warner Bra". So how is that question fair or right?
DerekBird 36 months ago
That's true too.
DrumDaddy78 43 months ago
Dammit!😠6-11,and I am watching 👀 M.A.S.H. on Me📺,right now.😐HAPPY HOLIDAYS🎄!!!
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