It takes a TV genius to remember all these shows from 1990

Try to complete all the titles.

It's hard to believe that three decades have passed since Seinfeld and The Simpsons premiered. Heck, one of them is still on the air. The other remains a streaming and syndication juggernaut. Both aired their first seasons in 1990 (after the pilots aired in 1989).

But not every show that started in 1990 became a cultural phenomenon. You certainly know some of the following series. Others are much deeper cuts.

You have to be a television fanatic to fill in every blank. Good luck!

  1. Which beloved TV family made a comeback on CBS in 'The _______'?
  2. Things got eerie in 'Twin _______'?
  3. Brandon and Brenda moved to a new zip code in 'Beverly Hills, _______'?
  4. Burt Reynolds made a return to TV in 'Evening _______'?
  5. A Full House star presented 'America's Funniest _______ Videos'?
  6. Randy Newman sang the theme song to the infamous '_______ Rock'?
  7. R.E.M. performed the theme song to the Fox comedy 'Get a _______'?
  8. Kevin Meaney replaced John Candy playing the lead in 'Uncle _______'?
  9. Whoopi Goldberg and Jean Stapleton starred in 'Bagdad _______'?
  10. A television legend made her return to ensemble comedy with '_______ & Company'?
  11. Ferris Bueller had a TV spin-off in 1990 and also heavily influenced the Fox sitcom 'Parker Lewis Can't _______'?
  12. Susan Gless returned to TV as the star of 'The _______ of Rosie O'Neill'?
  13. Former Buck Rogers man Gil Gerard returned to TV in the extremely short-lived 'E.A.R.T.H. _______'?

It takes a TV genius to remember all these shows from 1990

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Rrene03 11 days ago
12 out of 13 .. really didn't know a lot of these..
BrianMoore 12 days ago
12 out of 13. God, I had almost forgotten about Cop Rock
JC 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 13
Revivals, spin-offs, comebacks… which show was your favorite?
EmBee 1 month ago
Bagdad Cafe? I never heard of it. I got it right by deduction of looking at the photo.
MaryAnn 1 month ago
Who the heck is that person bottom right with the Brady family in that last picture? The one next to Bobby and Cindy, in front of Jan? It sure doesn’t look like Marcia!
Corey MaryAnn 1 month ago
That was the fake Marcia played by Leah Ayres.
MaryAnn Corey 1 month ago
I vaguely remember that she was actually referred to as the fake Marcia!
Lacey 1 month ago
Wow, 13/13.
I had to pretty much give up evening TV in the 1990s so I thought I would bomb on this.
MrBill 1 month ago
13/13; knew most of these but had to guess on a couple.
Lillyrose 1 month ago
11 out of 13. I liked Carol & Company. That was a funny show!
booster 1 month ago
13/13 I only saw about 3 of those shows, but I remembered all the names.
Utzaake 1 month ago
12/13. The last one...again.
2. Watched both the series and its cinematic prequel which fleshed out the Laura Palmer character.
6. Watched only a segment of an episode. Seeing a man sing like Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon while he's escorted to his jail cell is somewhat depressing. One of the stars was Peter Onorati who had just played building superintendent Lou Carello in the final season of Kate & Allie.
7. Schitt$ Creek's series finale is fast approaching on CBC & POP TV. Chris Elliott plays Mayor Roland Schitt.
11. Always used the title of this series to mock blah Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis whose MLB career lasted much longer than it should have.
dth1971 1 month ago
No Tiny Toon Adventures? That also debuted in 1990!
HopeDuchaine 1 month ago
1213. Not Bad. Missed #10.
Geronimo HopeDuchaine 1 month ago
1,213 is damn good for someone who is crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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