James Brown: How well do you know the Godfather of Soul?

Get up! Get on up!


Soul, funk, R&B, rock 'n' roll... Whatever you want to call it, James Brown was at the center of the center.

He was the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Are you the Hardest Working Quiz Taker on MeTV.com? 

We'll provide you with some questions, you provide us with some answers. Take your time, do your best, and don't sweat the ones you get wrong. At the end of the day, this is more tribute than trivia.  So raise a glass to Mr. Dynamite, and then try to recall some of the details of his storied career.

  1. How many James Brown hits went all the way to #1 on the Billboard R&B charts?
  2. What was the name of the first band James Brown joined?
  3. Following the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Brown broadcast a concert, asking for peace in which city?
  4. "Living in America" became Brown's biggest hit since the '60s after it appeared in which movie?
  5. Which member of the Parliament-Funkadelic collective also played with The J.B.'s?
  6. Which of the following accolades can James Brown claim?
  7. James Brown was part of the first group to receive which distinction?
  8. Which of the following series never featured James Brown's voice?
  9. Who played James Brown in the 2014 biopic Get On Up?
  10. James Brown led the police on a high-speed chase in 1988 after doing what?

James Brown: How well do you know the Godfather of Soul?

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BorisK 2 months ago
Oh ... and Weird Al Yankovic's parody video of his song 'Bad' (Al did 'Fat'!) was the best ever! James Brown was a good sport about it too, which is cool.
BorisK 2 months ago
I love James Brown! His 'Thriller' album and 'Billy Jean' are two of my favorites. And when he was much younger and sang with his four brothers, my sister had both the 'Puppy Love' and 'Go Away Little Girl' 45s.
Gayleistoons 7 months ago
This quiz is a disgrace. How dare you pick the MAN most artists mimick to disrespect. I've seen these type of questions regarding the white mediocre artists that became famous. Disgusting
MadMat2102 9 months ago
8/10. "Living in America" is on my workout playlist.
Ready2go 9 months ago
7/10. Please, please,please........
graceful1970 9 months ago
You got 5 out of 10
Papa's got a brand new bag. Too bad it's full of WRONG ANSWERS!
texasluva 9 months ago
7 out of 10. Didn't know they had 3 days of civil unrest in Boston. Though I guess most major cities did because of MLK assassination. I picked Atlanta on that one.
Wendy57 9 months ago
Papa’s got a used bag, it’s got a hole in it, and I don’t feel so good good. 🫢
CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
Strangely enough, all the ones I missed were ones I didn't know!
Rick 9 months ago
"Papa got a brand new bag. Too bad it's full of WRONG ANSWERS!"

LOL. Well done, MeTV.
bj1606 9 months ago
I seen James Brown in 1974 at the old Dutch bar in PC Beach Florida playing alongside D Fords Band Earnestine absolutely 2 of the best bands I’ve ever seen the Brass Section ABSOLUTELY the best they covered everything till 4:45 am the greatest time to be alive James Brown was a real funny man easy to talk to D Ford the same way they all knew each other playing in Underground Atlanta
justjeff 9 months ago
I also got 2 out of 10... but here's a story you may never have heard...

The late Mack Emmerman owned Criteria Studios in North Miami, Florida. He engineered Brown's hit of "(I Got You) I Feel Good" and told me he'd never forget that session because James has a disagreement with his wife, reached across the console and punched her right in the mouth! I guess to him, it really was "A Man's World"... and not a very nice world at that...
Bapa1 9 months ago
7/10, Have some of his stuff. Quiz should have also included his appearances in both of The Blues Brothers movies.
deedeeray 9 months ago
Got 8/10. Knew him better than I thought
Maverick66 9 months ago
3/10. Like the music but obviously don't know much about the man.
Andybandit 9 months ago
I got 4/10. I don't know that much about JB obviously.
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