Only a certified freak can get 100% on this haunted toy quiz

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned haunted doll, right?


Look, even if you love a good toy, you've got to admit, there's something a bit unnerving about them. Why else would so many horror movies focus on every possessed doll that moves when you're not looking? In this quiz, we're asking you questions about some of the most infamous haunted toys in film, and you've got to use your spooky trivia knowledge to answer the questions correctly! 

  1. In the 1988 film Child's Play, what is the name of the doll that Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into?
  2. And what name does the possessed doll take on in the film?
  3. Annabelle the haunted doll has a series of her own movies, but what was the film she made her first appearance in?
  4. In the 1989 film Puppet Master, which of these is NOT the name of a puppet featured in the film?
  5. In the 1982 film Poltergeist, what circus performer does the doll that attacks Robbie look like?
  6. In the 1987 film Dolls, what is the name of the doll that is given to Judy in the beginning of the film?
  7. Which popular horror franchise had a 1996 film focused around a haunted dollhouse?
  8. In Attack of the Puppet People, what is the real truth behind Mr. Franz's doll collection?
  9. What is the name of the doll featured in The Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll"?
  10. In the 1975 film, Trilogy of Terror, what feature does Amelia take on of the Zuni doll at the end of the film once she is posessed?

Only a certified freak can get 100% on this haunted toy quiz

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Dajj 1 month ago
9/10. Be scared. Be very scared!!!
DethBiz 2 months ago
10 out of 10. Love the movie Dolls. Very underrated horror movie.
Bapa1 2 months ago
9/10, missed the 'Dolls' one. Did better than I thought I would.
Crisco 2 months ago
9/10 only had to guess on #7.and all these years I always thought it was talking Tina not Talky Tina.
Ratt1959 2 months ago
Only 5/10, I just went blank on most of these.
4thtroika 2 months ago
No mention of M3gan? Oh wait, she's not on ME-TV.
KellyO 2 months ago
10/10 - I love horror movies! That doll with the teeth terrified me as a kid. I locked my teen sister’s Shirley Temple doll in the attic because I thought it would come to life.
Tresix 2 months ago
10/10. Great, considering I never saw “Dolls” or any of the “Puppet Master” movies.
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