Only a true Star Trek fan can complete these Original Series episode titles

Think logically to fill in the blank.

Captain, certain words from classic Star Trek titles appear to have disappeared in… some kinds of… black hole.

But you know this stuff better than anyone. We need you to fill in the missing words from these fifteen Star Trek: The Original Series episodes. Try not to let Kara of Sigma Draconis steal your brain! She did that once to Spock and nobody was happy about it.

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  1. Where else to begin but the premiere episode, "The _______ Trap."
  2. "The _______ Time"
  3. "The _______ Maneuver"
  4. "The _______ Seven"
  5. "The ______ of Gothos"
  6. "A _______ of Armageddon"
  7. "The City on the Edge of _______"
  8. "Who Mourns for _______?"
  9. "The _______ of Triskelion"
  10. "The _______ Glory"
  11. "Is There ________ Beauty?"
  12. "For the World Is _______ and I Have Touched the Sky"
  13. "Let _______ Be Your Last Battlefield"
  14. "The _______ Minders"
  15. Finally, pick the incorrect word that does NOT make a Star Trek episode with "The _______ Syndrome."
Only a true Star Trek fan can complete these Original Series episode titles

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Lacey 23 days ago
I am betting that #11 is tripping a lot of us up.
Barry22 1 month ago
13/15, now to enroll in Star Fleet Academy
ETristanBooth Barry22 1 month ago
13/15. I'm too old for the Academy. Besides, I don't like taking orders.
SQUIRELL9510 1 month ago
actually i got all of them correct and have all the shows so 2 of you answers are incorrect or wrong fix them
i know. there was never an episode named he alternative syndrome. there was the alternative factor but thats the only one i can think of
The question was which one was not a title, so their answer is correct. It always helps to actually read the question, rather than assuming it is in the same format as the others.
anthony 1 month ago
5/15.What's the name of this show again?πŸ˜‹
Bret 1 month ago
You got 15 out of 15
Been a trekker since to 60's
EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 11 out of 15
Sometimes your genius can even surprise yourself. Well done!
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