Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1991?

Dinosaurs, Doogie and Darkwing Duck, oh my!


Hop in the time machine — we're going back three decades! 

In 1991, we were treated to Must See TV and TGIF at their peaks. Reality TV was kicking into high gear with hosts William Shatner and Robert Stack. FOX was finally competing with the Big Three.

We flipped through the old TV listings to find some actual offerings from the year 1991. Pick what you would watch — and see how your taste stacks up against the rest!

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  1. We begin on Sunday, September 22, at 8PM. Are you looking to laugh or solve a mystery?
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  2. On Monday, September 16, are you up for action or sitcoms at 8PM?
  3. It's Tuesday, April 30, at 8PM, and two series are wrapping up their seasons.
  4. On Wednesday, November 20, you can opt for nostalgia, puppets or aliens.
  5. Find romance for different ages on Wednesday, November 20, at 9PM.
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  6. Thursday, April 18, offered up some major favorites at 9:30PM.
  7. On October 25, a Friday, at 8pm, you had funny legal matters, dramatic legal matters, or true crime.
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  8. The holiday season is kicking off on Friday, November 22, at 9PM. What would you watch with the family?
     Image: CBS Television Distribution
  9. And old favorite made his return on Saturday, November 23, at 8PM.
     Image: CBS
  10. Let's wrap up with some Saturday morning cartoons! Here are the offerings at 9AM.
     Image: Warner Bros. 

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1991?

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genie12 26 months ago
Well I didn't watch the toons in 91'
BuckeyeBeth7 26 months ago
32%. 1991 was a bit of a wasteland for tv but besides these mentioned here I was also watching the last season of Head of the Class, and Star Trek: Next Gen.
PulsarStargrave 26 months ago
I keep forgetting, there's no " None of the above" option! I started going to a revival theater where they had different programs for different nights of the week every month and the tickets were less than four bucks! Whatever shows I watched had my loyalty! In 91, they had to be DALLAS, IN LIVING COLOR, THE SIMPSONS, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, TWIN PEAKS, HERMAN's HEAD (?) and Local T.V. shows or movies!
bukhrn 29 months ago
Guess I didn't watch much tv in '91, as I've never heard of many of those.
CortneyNicole 29 months ago
I got 63% similar is pretty good. It's the best flashback takes me back in the early 90s.
AnnieS 31 months ago
Carol Burnett was still on? Who knew?
TheSentinel AnnieS 29 months ago
The 1991 revival, which didn't last long.
WGH 33 months ago
FOX TV made the early 1990s very interesting. A whole new brand a television like The Simpsons, married with children, COPS, America's most wanted, etc. (and some of those shows aired for many years. The Simpsons is still on television … Yikes!)

Moverfan WGH 33 months ago
The only thing I watched on Fox in those days was Comic Strip Live--so of course, they cancelled it.
WGH 33 months ago
COPS was a new TV show in 1991, and was doing very well on the ratings, but is not doing well in this poll.

I wonder how well the other responses correlate with the television ratings at the time?

Maybe MeTV could post these sometime for comparison . (I worked with data and statistics in the public health sector for many years... so I can't help but ask questions like this!)
Kelley1 35 months ago
Night Court: A Latino guy comes up for some charge I have forgotten (not the point). While he's standing there, another guy comes up for another charge, again forgotten, but when he tells the judge he had a Pinto, the Latino guy says, "Everybody else gets the cherry cars." I remember that after all this time even though I have not seen that series in years. I'd like to see it again. As for cartoons, instead of airing new-ish ones, I'd like to see Bill add The Ant and the Anteater, or any of the Pink Panther add ons he isn't airing now! (But LOVE Bill and Toony.) By the way the 80s was NOT my decade. Let's say I survived.
Moverfan Kelley1 26 months ago
Favorite thing on Night Court--a group of people appear in front of Harrh from a wrestling match (a lady in the audience climbed into the ring and tried to beat one of the wrestlers silly). The attacked wrestler, Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk), is wearing light-colored slacks and a long winter coat. After a bit, he asks if he can remove the coat. No green...no shirt...oh my, my, my, my, my....
AnnieM 35 months ago
"Garfield and Friends" still holds up today. The 'US Acres' segments were a riot.
Patsy 35 months ago
51%. It was a good TV year
benhallums12019 36 months ago
DISNEY CHANNEL & ABC Would've Got A Spinoff of MMC-THE ALL-NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Called "THE PARTY SHOW" like to The Answer of Both THE MONKEES & THE STARLAND VOCAL BAND SHOW Starring "THE PARTY" and June Lockhart, Dan Lauria, Conrad Bain, Brooke Theiss & Marc 'Skip' Price.
Katzi 38 months ago
Tuesday was tough! I liked both Rescue 9-11 & Who's The Boss !!
Randall 38 months ago
Moverfan 39 months ago
Who in the hell wrote the first question? America's Funniest Home Videos was never on at eight unless ABC ran two episodes--even when Bob Saget hosted the original 30-minutes how, it was on at SEVEN!
TheSentinel Moverfan 38 months ago
Not a fan of the Bob Saget era of that show. Saget was lame as a host (including his attempts to do vocal impersonations during the videos) and during his hosting gig, I called the show "America's Stupidest Home Videos" (just as South Park did when it parodied the show's Saget era).
Newyorkcitygal Moverfan 38 months ago
It probably was posted as central time. Which would be an hour earlier in some states.
vinman63 TheSentinel 38 months ago
I like the earlier episodes because Crow T Robot was a writer on them.
WGH Moverfan 33 months ago
Depends what time zone you were in.
Moverfan Newyorkcitygal 33 months ago
They still wouldn't be on at the same time. Instead of seven and eight, AFHV would be on at six and Murder, She Wrote at seven.
PulsarStargrave 39 months ago
I should remember to avoid these 90s quizzes! There weree only a handful of shows I watched, and they were mostly UHF shows like ANGEL, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, THE SIMPSONS and WWF SMACKDOWN!

I was MOSTLY into TV38's MOVIE LOFT which featured great movies from several decades! Who needed Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin when I had NATALIE WOOD and STEVE McQUEEN???
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