Was this an episode of Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show?

How well do you know Andy's two hits?

These are all deceptively simple episode titles. In fact, most of them are simply "The Something." But you can learn a lot from a single word or two. You might remember the plot point. Or, they just might sound like a certain kind of show.

Andy Griffith is the rare actor to portray two beloved TV characters in two different eras. He was Sheriff Andy. He was Matlock. 

Can you tell the difference between titles from The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock?

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  1. "Mr. Awesome"
  2. "Mr. McBeevee"
  3. "The Bookie Barber"
  4. "The Cookie Monster"
  5. "The Bed Jacket"
  6. "The County Nurse"
  7. "Santa Claus"
  8. "The Rat Pack"
  9. "The Tape Recorder"
  10. "The Cannon"
  11. "The Lemon"
  12. "The Gigolo"
  13. "The Hucksters"
  14. "The Lucky Letter"
  15. "The Jinx"

Was this an episode of Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show?

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RoberttheWallace 8 days ago
Nailed 'em! Good trivia and I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of those episodes! ! !
dodgebob 8 days ago
12/15 I try to stay out of court rooms, but I love me some Mayberry courthouse.
Geronimo 8 days ago
Not bad for someone who never
watched Matlock
Runeshaper 9 days ago
You got 11 out of 15 - not bad! I didn’t watch The Andy Griffith show and caught many episodes of Matlock :)
cabugi 9 days ago
13/15 ... missed Lucky Letter & Hucksters
Muleskinner 10 days ago
15/15. I looked over Earnest Bass’ shoulder while I was taking the test.
MsBoshop 10 days ago
Hello 13/15 not to bad😂😂😂
DIGGER1 10 days ago
Was this an episode of Matlock or The Andy Griffith Show?
You got 15 out of 15
Pass or fail, the important thing is that both series had Andy Griffith… and Don Knotts!
lucy 11 days ago
Love AndyGriffith / Matlock he was and still is a wonderful Actor ♥️
BrentwoodJon 11 days ago
What was the disease that Andy had at the later matlock's ?
He was on steroids, you could see it in his face
nd1irish BrentwoodJon 10 days ago
Guillain Barre Syndrome. Only reason I remember is that I had it too. Took steroids as well and had a fat face.
He wore a leg brace in a lot of the Matlock series as well from falling off a ladder at home.
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