Pick: Which classic Western show would you want to be on?

Pick your favorite western town, lawman, family and more!

Westerns were all over the airwaves in the 1950s and '60s. Some were set in one place while others followed an individual or group traveling from town to town and across wide open county.

What if you got to be a character in a classic TV Western. Which series would you choose? Would you combine elements of all your favorite shows?

Pretend you live in the fictional world of a TV Western. Pick your favorite answer for each situation and see how popular your opinions are!

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  1. Where would you most like to live?
  2. Which lawman would you want protecting your town?
  3. Which saloon would you most want to go to?
  4. Who would you want behind the bar of that saloon?
  5. Which western doctor would you want to treat you if you got sick?
  6. If you needed a job done right, who would you hire?
  7. Who would be your friend and confidant?
  8. Who would you want to play cards with?
  9. If you got into trouble, who would you want to help you out?
  10. Which family would you most want to be a part of?

Pick: Which classic Western show would you want to be on?

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mamaspapas 30 months ago
71% similar. Always loved Gunsmoke and still do, but I think Lucas McCain is the ultimate cool hero in the west. Very strong and a fair man.
JewelsChuck 30 months ago
81% similar, I don’t usually watch the westerns!
benbond008 30 months ago
85% match. I always wanted to be a Barkley or at least marry Audra. Other than Hoss, the Cartwrights were always too diva for me. 🤣
phialpha benbond008 23 months ago
Adam was a pretentious intellectual diva but Pernell Roberts was very good,as a heavy, in a season 13 episode of Gunsmoke
Irish 30 months ago
44/51. Some I never heard of.
susiewaldridge 30 months ago
Pick: Which classic Western show would you want to be on?

90% similar

90% similar to the most popular responses
Jennifer 30 months ago
I couldn't finish the quiz because I wouldn't go to a saloon.
Trace28 30 months ago
I Definitely Would Have LOVED to Be the Only Female Honorary “Cartwright!!”
Yes, I Say Honorary, but I Mean, I Would Have Been the Caring, Loving, Yet WORKING,Wife (& Mom), to “Little Joe!!”
When I Say “Working Wife,” I Mean, On the Ranch, NOT JUST in the Kitchen,...and DEFINITELY NOT Barefoot & Preggers w/6 Cartwright Kids Bouncing Around “GrandPa Ben” & “Uncle Hoss!” Besides, “Hop Sing” Would Kick Her Out, at Least at the Main House!! 😉
Of Course My Character Would Insist on a Separate Home Built Not TOO Close to “Pa,” & “Hoss!!”
My Character “Cassandra O’Shea,” is the daughter, of an old friend of “Ben”
Who Came to Stay with “Ben,” After Her Father’s Funeral. He and Ben Were Both 11 year old deck hands on a New England Schooner, when they met!! A Union Officer, and Medical Doctor, “Colonel Francis Xavier O’Shea,” Was Tough, Yet, Very Well Loved, By Subordinates, and Officers as Well!!

Everyone Called Him “Colonel!” He Saved MANY Lives, and Was Awarded One of the FIRST “Medals of Honor” by President Abraham Lincoln Himself, Not Long Before the President Was Assassinated.
“Joe & “Cassandra” were More Than Friends when they were young, but “Cassandra” & Her Father moved Back East, to Boston after Cassandra’s Mother Died (“Mrs. Mary (Ryan) O’Shea) to Live with His Maiden Sister, “Miss Elizabeth O’Shea,” (Who Along With “Mary,” and for a while, “Cassie,” Were Nurses During the War & Afterward).
“The Colonel” Lived for Many Years under the Loving Care of His Daughter & Sister. When “The Colonel” died, “Ben,” “Hoss,” & ”Joe” Attended the Funeral, Near “Virginia City,” Where His Wife Was Buried.
“Cassandra,” (Whom Joe & the Cartwrights called “Cassie”) & “Little Joe,” Immediately Fell Head over Heels in Love, and
Within Months, They Built a House, & were Married!! They Had 3 Children,....2 Boys & a Girl!! The 1st Boy is; Benjamin Eric Cartwright, Who they Call, “Benj,” of Course, Named after His GrandPa, and “Eric” for “Hoss’” Real Name!! The 2nd Boy is Named “Francis, “Frankie,” Ryan Cartwright, after “The Colonel” (“Ryan,” after Mary’s Maiden Name). Their Adorable Baby Girl, named after her Grandmother, and Grand-Aunt, “Mary Elizabeth Cartwright, who came 5years After Frankie was born, Became Her Family’s Princess!

When “Aunt Elizabeth,” came to stay with the “Cartwrights,” Surprise, “Elizabeth” & “Ben,” (Who, of Course, knew each other for Years), Fell in Love!!
Then “Cassandra” Invites her Best Friend From Boston to Visit, her Name Is “Sally Simmons!!”
Sally is Tall, Lanky, But Sweet, Loving & Kind,...a PERFECT Match for “Hoss!!”

NOTE: I KNOW, This Made Up Fantasy IS Silly, Kooky, Untrue, LOL 😂, But What the Hell!!
It’s Just Poking A Little Fun at a Bygone Era, and My Crush on “Little Joe Cartwright,” (Michael Landon), and All the “Ponderosa” Boys!! “Bonanza”
BTW: This Takes Place IN MY MIND, AFTER Pernell Roberts, who Played “Adam Cartwright” left the show, (1965), and “Adam’s” Name & Personage, were stricken from the show!!
Jeez, Couldn’t they Just Have Said, “Adam” Died??!??
MikefromJersey 30 months ago
71% similar. For "who would be your friend and confident", how could there be any choice
but Wrangler Jane from F-Troop. Even if she gave you bad advice, who cares?
Pacificsun 30 months ago
Bonanza was a clear winner in this sampling!!
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