Pick: Which discontinued soda deserves a comeback most?

See if your favorite bubbles up to the top.

A favorite soft drink goes with everything, from watching a movie to catching a ball game. That must be why we get so attached to the sodas we love.

Here, we've listed some of the most-missed sodas that time has removed from our vending machines. Which soda do you wish would make its comeback first?

Make a wish and pick the bubbles you liked the best below. Who knows? The next nostalgia wave could bring your favorite soda back!
  1. Pick the discontinued soda below that you would most like to sip again:

Pick: Which discontinued soda deserves a comeback most?

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Andy 10 months ago
Hey, first time I've ever scored 100% on this type of quiz! I chose Pepsi Light because I remember it didn't really taste like a diet cola.
moax429 Andy 10 months ago
Me, too. I was 15 in 1977 when Pepsi Light first appeared and I loved it. I always thought it tasted like a lemon cola. (I also remember riding home from the local Kroger on my bike once that summer, carrying a 6-pack of Pepsi Light.)

Also liked that catchy radio and TV commercial:
"The time is right (clap, clap) for Pepsi Light.
Lemony (clap, clap) Pepsi Light.
We put a little lemony taste in and took out half the calories!"

Also my first 100% on a quiz like this. Good to know others remembered and liked Pepsi Light!
ncadams27 10 months ago
Patio was featured on Mad Men and morphed into Diet Pepsi.
DerekBird 14 months ago
You got 70% similar
You got 70% similar to the most popular responses
JenHill 14 months ago
Had 2 pic Crystal Pepsi since those are the only ones I recognized! What about SURGE!!! or NEHI, MR. PIBB, ORBIZ, KICK, FUDGSICLE SODA, JOLT, SLICE... Etc...
ttenchantr 16 months ago
OK Soda! I used to drive an hour into Boston to buy this as it was the only place to buy it.
MichaelSkaggs 34 months ago
Again, you need Mr. Nota, or "None Of The Above".
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