Plan the perfect vintage prom playlist

Make sure to pick out your corsage!

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Prom is one of the most important nights in a young person's life, but the event is absolutely ruined if you've got terrible music. In this quiz, we're letting you play the role of DJ and pick the best songs that you wanted to hear at your own prom!

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  1. Let's get this party going! Choose a song to start us off strong!
  2. Pick a song that's sure to get everyone out on the dance floor!
  3. Pick a song you can dance with your friends to!
  4. Time to grab a partner and choose your first slow dance song!
  5. Pick another one!
  6. Okay that's enough slow dancing. Time to rock out!
  7. Sorry, but we need one disco song to get a little funky in here!
  8. The night's winding down and everyone is looking tired. Play a song to get people dancing again!
  9. Okay, we have time for one more slow dance. Pick a song!
  10. Finish the night with a song they'll remember forever!

Plan the perfect vintage prom playlist

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AnnieM 17 days ago
How did I get 73%? Almost all the songs I chose had the lowest number of votes! 🤔
AnnieM AnnieM 17 days ago
Okay...maybe that IS why? Math was not my best subject. 😆
musicman37 20 days ago
Never been to a prom, not sure what this "quiz" was supposed to signify.
JoonBug 20 days ago
Some of these songs to 'rock out to' were really hard songs to actually dance to.
Peter_Falk_Fan 20 days ago
61% My favorite slow dance song was "Color My World" by Chicago. I was much better at slow dancing.
Fred_Clampett 21 days ago
42%. Benny and the Jets is a great song, but not one you can dance to.
bsantaniello 24 days ago
64% similar but everyone’s choices are different.
Gossemer 25 days ago
65%, all a matter of taste. I really liked the Boston one. Saw them couple times. Last one in 1997 Jones Beach NY. Amazing concert. It down poured for a bunch of songs but we stayed and danced as we were getting drenched. So worth it. Believe they were playing the song "smokin'".
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