Poll: Rank your favorite M*A*S*H characters!

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Have you ever wondered which character is everyone's favorite?

That question is a lot easier to answer for shows with smaller casts. But when you have an entire ensemble, on something like M*A*S*H, well there are just too many great choices.

Here's what you've got to do: You're going to choose a number for each of the following characters. Remember, #1 is the best, that's your favorite character, followed by #2, you're second favorite. Assign each soldier a number and find out how your ratings rank up against everyone else's! 

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  1. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
  2. "Trapper" John McIntyre
  3. Henry Blake
  4. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
  5. Frank Burns
  6. Walter "Radar" O'Reilly
  7. B.J. Hunnicutt
  8. Sherman T. Potter
  9. Maxwell Q. Klinger
  10. Father Mulcahy
  11. Charles Winchester

Poll: Rank your favorite M*A*S*H characters!

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WilliamJorns 7 months ago
I picked Hawkeye as my #1. So did 53% of viewers who took this poll. By contrast, only 16% of viewers agreed with me that Frank Burns belonged at the bottom of the list (#15).
Adamtwelvia WilliamJorns 7 months ago
I can't believe Haekeye has that many people who like him. Especially after seasons 8 and 9
LynCarrigan 7 months ago
How could I forget doc Sydney Freedman!!
LynCarrigan 7 months ago
I had trouble keeping track of who I put where. But Pierce, Potter& Mulcahey does it!
Adamtwelvia LynCarrigan 6 months ago
I agree with 2 out of 3.
Ajax 7 months ago
29%. Loved watching Frank Burns
Charleshorse 7 months ago
It was hard because the first few seasons I really liked certain characters but then, I didn't.
(namely Hawkeye, Margaret, and Klinger ) Klinger's part became way too big, Margaret became too whiny and screamy, always yelling about something. And well, everyone knows what happened to Hawkeye, lol. He was once my favorite then became my least favorite.
Adamtwelvia Charleshorse 7 months ago
Aw, but I love Klinger! He made the show for me!
But had to agree with you about Hawkeye! That's why I gave him an 8, right in the middle.
frenchman71 7 months ago
I was 17% similar. I only liked the first 5 seasons of MASH. The first 3 seasons had Trapper & Henry. Trapper was my favorite character followed by Frank Burns as #2. That was when MASH was a comedy. They got too serious and preachy after the 6th season. It wasn't funny anymore.
Adamtwelvia frenchman71 7 months ago
I thought it was after the 8th season
DylanSelf 7 months ago
Why am I not surprised that Hawkeye ranked so high? I guess M*A*S*H fans really like Kool-Aid.
Adamtwelvia DylanSelf 7 months ago
I take cherry! J/K!
Zip 7 months ago
29% similar.
This was a hard quiz. I liked pretty much all of those characters in one way or another.
FestusFan2312 7 months ago
Not a regular but you have to love Allan Arbus ( Dr. Sidney Freedman). Favorite was Potter. Didn’t like Winchester to start with but toward the end his character changed and I really liked him.
Yes; the writers gave his character room to grow and develop - something they never did with Frank Burns. But then, Burns was an irredeemable idiot from the start.
Adamtwelvia FestusFan2312 7 months ago
Potter was my #2. right behind Klinger
Coldnorth WilliamJorns 7 months ago
Burns would never have been a Dr. he never was competent, someone always had to bail him out
19611313 7 months ago
Only cared for Col Blake and Capt Hunnicut. Fav was Col Flagg.

Cannot stand Alan Alda
LarryMMM 7 months ago
Write in vote here, and IMO, he was the funniest character in the MASH run...
Colonel Flagg!!
(RIP Edward Winter, he made that character hilarious!!)
frenchman71 LarryMMM 7 months ago
His was a GREAT character! Any episode he was in was always funny.
Coldnorth LarryMMM 7 months ago
I agree. he played the part so well
BenSobeleone 8 months ago
Another favorite character from M*A*S*H is Captain Sam Pak played by Pat Morita.
Charleshorse BenSobeleone 7 months ago
I liked the Asian character who was always selling stuff. He was the one who carved the bust of Col Potter.
" Col. go for laugh, no get. " lol
Adamtwelvia Charleshorse 7 months ago
The late great Jack Soo of Barney Miller
Coldnorth Charleshorse 7 months ago
He was very funny
BorisK 8 months ago
My college roommate played 'the stuttering patient' in one of the episodes ... I think its the one where Alan Fudge thinks he's Jesus. Regardless, my roommate had David Ogden Steirs offering him a ride home after all week after rehearsals/taping. Wondering now why MASH didn't do a gay episode, since we all know 'nothing is wrong with that'.
Adamtwelvia BorisK 8 months ago
He met David Olgen Steirs? What was he like?
BorisK Adamtwelvia 8 months ago
LOL .... I think I just told you .... he was predatory.
Adamtwelvia BorisK 8 months ago
Wasn't just being nice, huh? Too bad. Sometimes they just disappoint.
Actually, there was one episode entitled "George" where the title character had been beat up by others in his unit when they found out he was gay. And when Frank Burns found out, he tried to get George thrown out of the army on a dishonorable discharge (he was eventually talked out of it).
Bigvikefan BorisK 7 months ago
They did do a Homosexual episode.
lmahabhashyam BorisK 7 months ago
They did the episode was called George
LeftToininAlbucoikey 8 months ago
My favorite character is Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle.
Yeah - those Berlinisches Polytechnikum guys get all the love.
"He was the best damn O.D. we ever had!"
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