Test your prehistoric knowledge with this dinosaur movie quiz!

Grab your claws and tear into this quiz!

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Whether they're big lizards or lab-engineered freaks, dinosaurs can instantly make a good movie great. In this quiz, we're testing your trivia knowledge about iconic films, involving and starring dinosaurs!

  1. In the film Jurassic Park (1993), what dinosaur's claw does Alan Grant carry with him?
  2. In the film's sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Ian Malcom visits which of InGen's islands?
  3. What kind of dinosaur do they call Littlefoot in the film The Land Before Time (1988)?
  4. What is the name of the island visited in the film The Land That Time Forgot (1974)?
  5. In the film Dinosaur (2000), Aladar, an Iguanodon, is raised alongside which animals?
  6. What is the name of the new engineered dinosaur created in the film Jurassic World (2015)?
  7. In We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993), what is the name of Captain Neweyes' brother who wants to steal the dinosaurs and force them to perform in his evil circus?
  8. Which comedic actor stars in the film Land of the Lost (2009)?
  9. Which author wrote the book that The Lost World (1960) is based off of?
  10. The film The Good Dinosaur (2015) takes place in a universe where what event has not occured?

Test your prehistoric knowledge with this dinosaur movie quiz!

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texasluva 3 days ago
I just received this message from AWL. She is very ill and heading to ER. Could you please say some prayers for her. Thank you.

Tex can you please keep me in y’all’s prayers I’ve been very ill with diverticulitis and hiatal hernia in esophagus and stomach. So sick and nausea all week getting ready to go to ER
KJExpress 3 days ago
I will definitely keep her in my thoughts. She seems like such a kind and giving person. Hopefully she can get through this okay. I know she has mentioned this affliction before. Please keep me posted if you hear back from her.
MrsPhilHarris 1 day ago
Oh my goodness! I will be thinking about her. I bet she is in pain. Molly and Maggie must be worried. Let her know I’m thinking about her.
texasluva 1 day ago
She is most likely at one of the two hospitals in the Dewey area. The problems she is stating needs to be taken care of. Hopefully they can help her.
Deleted 4 days ago
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MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
Great music and great trailers. The Enforcer looks interesting. I don’t recall it. 🤔 I haven’t seen Marathon Man for years but still remember the tooth drilling scene. 💉Yikes!
texasluva 3 days ago
Not good when one diabolical person is torturing you 😬
texasluva 3 days ago
Also doing another Andy Hardy film tonight from 1940.
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
Oh fun! I get a kick out of them.
jd4862 10 days ago
9/10 Had to guess on the animated kids movies, never watched them.
Zip 10 days ago
Missed the island one, #2. If it's not Giliigan's Island, I don't know, or care, where it is.
Gossemer 11 days ago
9/10. Missed #7. Guess ill just have a bronto burger and relax a while. All these dino questions have made me Rexless.
ironman2000 12 days ago
4 of 10, my favorite dinosaur was Dino.
Zip ironman2000 10 days ago
He was my favorite vitamin.
FLETCH 12 days ago
5 out of 10... all guesses. Never got into the Jurassic Park movies
ElizabethBoop 12 days ago
In the original Jurassic Park, Richard Attenborough pretends to interact with his own filmed image (even going so far as to feign drawing a blood sample from a finger-stick from himself). This is an allusion to what dinosaur-related animated film from the year 1914?
Big3Fan 13 days ago
Only four correct guesses from this dinosaur.
RobertK 13 days ago
3 of 10. All guesses. You'd think a "fossil" like me would have seen the films, but I never saw any of them!
Tresix 13 days ago
9/10. Very good considering that I think I’ve only seen two of these movies (“The Lost World” (1960) and “Jurassic Park”).
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