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How well do you remember this classic sitcom? Did you grow up alongside Wally and The Beav? Or maybe you caught up with the Cleavers in re-runs.

This quiz aims to test your fandom. Maybe you'll ace it, maybe you'll flop. Either way, it'll be a chance to learn something new and flex your muscle as the ultimate fan of Leave It to Beaver

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  1. Which of the following is the correct order in which the cast's names are displayed in the opening credits?
  2. When Jerry Mathers was in high school, what was the name of his band?
  3. Who played Lumpy?
  4. Which teacher did Beaver declare he had a crush on?
  5. According to a (false) urban legend, who did Ken Osmond grow up to be?
  6. In which unit did Jerry Mathers serve?
  7. How many years are there between Beaver and older brother Wally
  8. How many years are there between Jerry Mathers and onscreen brother Tony Dow?
  9. On which soap opera did Tony Dow appear for one season?
  10. What was Hugh Beaumont's final film appearance?

The experts-only Leave It to Beaver quiz

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