The legendary Lost in Space quiz

Danger! Only a true fan can pass the test.

Lost in Space remains one of the true sci-fi classics. Colorful characters, fantastic creatures, cool heroes and a splash of comedy made for a unique mix. And who could forget the robot? No wonder they keep remaking it.

Let's see how well you remember the original series. Try to get 15 or more answers correct! Good luck!

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  1. What was the name of the robot on Lost in Space?
  2. Lost in Space is inspired by what classic adventure novel?
  3. What was the name of the family's spaceship?
  4. What was Don West's military rank?
  5. What famous film composer wrote the theme music to Lost in Space?
  6. Where is the family heading according to their mission?
  7. In what year does Lost in Space take place?
  8. Does the entire family ever make it back to Earth?
  9. Lost in Space creator Irwin Allen created what other classic 1960s sci-fi series?
  10. Lost in Space aired for three seasons. How many were produced in color?
  11. Before he became Will Robinson, Bill Mumy played the memorable characters Anthony Fremont and Pip on what black & white series?
  12. Angela Cartwright, who portrayed Penny Robinson, starred in which classic musical film the year Lost in Space premiered?
  13. What is the name of the ape-like creature that Penny adopts?
  14. What is the name of this vehicle?
  15. In the first season, the family is stuck on which planet?
  16. June Lockhart had recurring roles on two of the following three classic shows. Which series did NOT feature June Lockhart in a regular role?
  17. Guy Williams, a.k.a. John Robinson, also portrayed which masked hero on the small screen?
  18. Jonathan Harris voiced the villain Lucifer in what 1970s sci-fi series?
  19. Which 'Friends' star portrayed Don West in the 1998 big-screen remake of Lost in Space?
    Image: New Line Cinema
  20. How many times does the robot say the exact phrase "Danger, Will Robinson!" on the show?
The legendary Lost in Space quiz

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JeffTanner 1 month ago
You got 19 out of 20 -----------Fine work, my friend! You have a brain as big as Dr. Smith's. He is green with envy.
StanReagan 1 month ago
Indeed and indeed! You need to check your facts on question 8, which simply asks, "Does the entire family ever make it back to Earth?" Yes! They land on Earth in 1947 in the episode, "Visit To A Hostile Planet." The Robinsons and even Dr. Smith decide to blast off and leave it behind. We never see them time warp back to the future afterward; so, the series ends presumably that would leave them tooling around in outer space, Circa 1947. However, the "duplicate" Robinson family presumably and briefly lands the Jupiter 2 in modern-day Chicago, until the real Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot take control of the ship and return it the alien planet to save the real Robinsons.
LeeHarper 2 months ago
You got 15 out of 20
Fine work, my friend! You have a brain as big as Dr. Smith's. He is green with envy.
ndebrabant 2 months ago

You got 20 out of 20
Fine work, my friend! You have a brain as big as Dr. Smith's. He is green with envy.
BennAllen 3 months ago
Technically, they did return home to Earth in one episode, only it was the
Earth in the past.

The book the show was based on was "The *Swiss* Family Robinson" by Johann David Wyss, not "The Smith Family Robinson".
FryingPanHead BennAllen 2 months ago
Technically, Will & Dr. Smith returned to earth in Target: Earth
Technically, Will returns to earth in Return from Outer Space
Technically, Will & Dr. Smith COULD have returned to earth by stepping through a door in The Toymaker
Technically, Will & Dr. Smith (separately) made it back to earth in The Astral Traveler
Technically, Dr. Smith & the robot make it back to earth in the Time Merchant

We won't discuss Kragmire, Chickasaw Falls or young Sergeant Getraer, little master.
mackjaz 3 months ago
Great... now I gotta re-upload my LIS/Blossom fan fic? Whatever.
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